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Members of the School of Mathematics and Statistics

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Professional Staff

Bryant, Hannah SMRI Administration Officer Quad L4.42 8627 9377
Burn, Jennifer School Manager Carslaw 524 8627 6698
Cannon, Anne Research Assistant Carslaw 618 9351 6495
9351 3338
Colhoun, Amber Program Manager of Sydney Precision Data Science Centre Carslaw 826
Dimech, Dominic Education Support Officer Carslaw 520 8627 9952
Doyle, Kate SMRI Executive Officer Quad L4.47 9351 6587
Fedunik-Hofman, Larissa SMRI Communications Coordinator Quad L4.45 8627 9426
Guerreiro, Richard Finance Manager Carslaw 516 9351 2105
Hills, Rodd Education Support Officer Carslaw 520 9351 5787
Janson, Bruce Computer Systems Officer Carslaw 826 9351 3276
K C, Kusum Education Support Officer Carslaw 521
Kennedy, Lucy Executive Officer Carslaw 524 9351 5804
Kiu, Cynthia Education Support Officer Carslaw 521 9351 4161
Lopez, Noëlla Executive Assistant Carslaw 523 9351 4533
Luo, Miranda Senior Project Officer of Sydney Precision Data Science Centre Carslaw 826
Morr, Sonia Research Administration Officer Carslaw 531 9351 5809
Sadowski, Annie Educational Designer Carslaw 531 8627 0075
Selby-Brown, Sokunthy Education Support Officer Carslaw 521
Swanson, Stephanie Executive Research Assistant Carslaw 631 9351 8080
Szabo, Paul Computer Systems Manager Carslaw 639 9351 3806
Wilson, Mike Computer Systems Officer

Academic and Research Staff

Aksamit, Anna Senior Lecturer Carslaw 632 8627 8793
Alotaibi, Ibrahim Research Assistant Carslaw 528 9351 5791
Altmann, Eduardo Professor Carslaw 526 9351 2448
Arias Calluari, Karina ARC Postdoctoral Fellow
Badziahin, Dzmitry Associate Professor Carslaw 634 9351 3279
Bailey, Geoff Research Fellow Carslaw 608 9351 5777
Baine, Joseph Postgraduate Teaching Fellow Carslaw 483 9351 5789
Bertram, Christopher Professorial Research Fellow Carslaw 636 9351 3646
Brownlowe, Nathan Senior Lecturer Carslaw 622
Cannon, John Professor Carslaw 618 9351 6495
9351 3338
Carberry, Emma Senior Lecturer Carslaw 723 9351 3796
Chan, Jennifer Associate Professor Carslaw 817 9351 4873
Chapelier-Laget, Nathan Postdoctoral Research Associate Carslaw 707A
Cîrstea, Florica-Corina Associate Professor Carslaw 719 9351 2965
Coulembier, Kevin Associate Professor Carslaw 717 9351 3332
Cresswell, Clio Senior Lecturer c/o Carslaw 523 9351 4533
Cui, Tiangang Senior Lecturer Carslaw 489
Dancso, Zsuzsanna Associate Professor Carslaw 713 9351 2049
Daners, Daniel Associate Professor Carslaw 715 9351 2966
Davoudabadi, Mohammad Javad Postdoctoral Research Associate Carslaw 637
Desiraju, Harini Postdoctoral Fellow Carslaw 630 9351 3879
Duignan, Nathan Academic Fellow Carslaw 606 9351 2979
Dullin, Holger Professor Carslaw 714 9351 4083
Easdown, David Associate Professor Carslaw 619 9351 4217
Fajardo, Oscar Postdoctoral Fellow
Fish, Alexander Associate Professor Carslaw 712 9351 2968
Fu, Helen Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ghazanfar, Shila Discovery Early Career Researcher Carslaw 708
Goldys, Ben Professor Carslaw 709 9351 2976
Gottwald, Georg Professor Carslaw 625 9351 5784
Grazian, Clara Senior Lecturer Carslaw 822
Ham, Sophie Postdoctoral Research Associate Carslaw 495 9351 4863
Hancock, Edward Research Fellow
Hauer, Daniel Senior Lecturer Carslaw 613 8627 0092
Joshi, Nalini Professor Carslaw 629 9351 2172
Keich, Uri Associate Professor Carslaw 821 9351 2307
Kim, Hani Jieun Postdoctoral Research Associate
Kim, Peter Professor Carslaw 621 9351 2970
Kyng, Madeleine Research Associate Carslaw 608
Lanier, Justin Postdoctoral Research Associate
Le Fils, Thomas Postdoctoral Research Associate Quad L4.47
Lee, Jae Min Postdoctoral Research Associate Carslaw 493
Lin, Yingxin Postdoctoral Research Associate Carslaw 827
Liu, Chunlei Postdoctoral Research Associate
Liu, Ruyi Postdoctoral Fellow Carslaw 827 9351 3039
Lizarraga, Ian Postdoctoral Fellow Carslaw 489 9351 5729
Long, Sharon Postdoctoral Research Associate
Lustri, Christopher Senior Lecturer Carslaw 627
Malliaras Gavrielatos, Thomas Postgraduate Teaching Fellow
Mandal, Pinak Research Associate Carslaw 483
Marangell, Robert Associate Professor Carslaw 720 9351 5795
Mathas, Andrew Professor Carslaw 718 9351 6058
Molev, Alexander Professor Carslaw 707 9351 5793
Moolchand, Prannath Postdoctoral Research Associate Carslaw 484
Myerscough, Mary Professor Carslaw 626 9351 3724
Narayanan, Ashvni Postdoctoral Research Associate Quad L4.47
Ndenda, Joseph Protas Postdoctoral Research Associate Carslaw 806
Nghiem, Linh Hoang Lecturer Carslaw 823
Nitschke, Cody Postdoctoral Fellow Carslaw 637
Ormerod, John Associate Professor Carslaw 815 9351 5883
Panwar, Pratibha Postdoctoral Fellow
Parkinson, James Associate Professor Carslaw 614 9351 4221
Patrick, Ellis Senior Lecturer Carslaw 816
Paunescu, Laurentiu Professor Carslaw 721 9351 2969
Peiris, Shelton Associate Professor Carslaw 819 9351 5764
Qin, Alex Research Assistant
Quek, Lake-Ee Research Fellow 8627 5606
Radnović, Milena Associate Professor Carslaw 624 9351 5782
Roberts, Brad Lecturer Carslaw 605
Roberts, Lindon Lecturer Carslaw 638 9351 5779
Robertson, Nicholas Software Engineer
Roffelsen, Pieter Postdoctoral Fellow Carslaw 630 9351 3879
Rutkowski, Marek Professor Carslaw 814 9351 1923
Senior, Alistair Research Fellow
Sherman, Alex Postdoctoral Fellow Carslaw 489
Sohail, Ayesha Lecturer Carslaw 708
Spreer, Jonathan Senior Lecturer Carslaw 623
Steel, Allan Senior Research Fellow Carslaw 617 9351 3049
Stephen, Sharon Associate Professor Carslaw 525 9351 3048
Stewart, Michael Senior Lecturer Carslaw 818 9351 5765
Strbenac, Dario Research Associate Carslaw 827 9351 3039
Sun, Qiuzhuang Lecturer Carslaw 627
Sutherland, Nicole Magma Software Engineer Carslaw 617 9351 3049
Tarr, Garth Senior Lecturer Carslaw 828 8627 8033
Thind, Amarinder Singh Postdoctoral Research Associate
Thomas, Anne Associate Professor Carslaw 716 9351 3357
Tillmann, Stephan Professor Quad L4.44 9351 2005
Tran, Andy Postgraduate Teaching Fellow Carslaw 807
Tran, Dinh Thi Potdoctoral Research Associate Carslaw 633 9351 2971
Tubbenhauer, Daniel Senior Research Fellow
Unger, Bill Senior Research Associate Carslaw 616 9351 3814
Wang, Qiying Professor Carslaw 825 9351 5762
Wang, Rachel Senior Lecturer Carslaw 820
Warren, Diana Senior Lecturer Carslaw 527 9351 2108
Wechselberger, Martin Professor Carslaw 628 9351 3860
Williamson, Geordie Professor Quad L4.41 9351 5806
Wu, Haotian Senior Lecturer Carslaw 615 9351 4077
Yacobi, Oded Associate Professor Carslaw 724 9351 5460
Yang, Pengyi Associate Professor Carslaw 812
Yang, Jean Professor Carslaw 824 9351 3012
Zeaiter, Zeaiter Postgraduate Teaching Fellow Carslaw 488 9351 5772
Zhang, Ruibin Professor Carslaw 722 9351 3444
Zhang, Zhou Associate Professor Carslaw 620 9351 5780
Zhou, Dingxuan Professor and Head of School Carslaw 523 9351 4533
Zhou, Jackson Postgraduate Teaching Fellow Carslaw 807
Zhou, Zhou Senior Lecturer Carslaw 607 9351 5808

Emeritus Professors

Dancer, Norman Emeritus Professor Carslaw 707A 9351 5070
Lehrer, Gus Emeritus Professor Carslaw 813 9351 2977
Robinson, John Emeritus Professor
Seneta, Eugene Emeritus Professor Carslaw 805 9351 3881
Weber, Neville Emeritus Professor Carslaw 805 9351 3881

Honorary Staff

Allen, David Honorary Professor
Berrick, Jon Honorary Professor Quad L4.30 8627 8584
Cartwright, Donald Honorary Reader
Corran, Ruth Honorary Associate
Cowan, Richard Visiting Professor
Dissanayake, Sanjaya Honorary Associate
Dong, Alice Xiaodan Honorary Associate
Farnell, Les Honorary Associate Carslaw 725 9351 2967
Fisher, Nick Visiting Professor Carslaw 725 9351 2967
Gagen, Terry Honorary Associate Professor
Gibson, Joel SMRI Research Affiliate Quad L4.30
Gibson, Bill Honorary Associate Professor Carslaw 725 9351 2967
Hammer, Joseph Former Senior Lecturer
Henderson, Anthony Honorary Professor
Hillman, Jonathan Honorary Reader Carslaw 609 9351 5775
Howlett, Bob Honorary Associate Professor Carslaw 725
Ivers, David Honorary Associate Professor Carslaw 707A 9351 5070
Jajo, Nethal Honorary Associate 8627 8124
James, Ron Honorary Associate Professor Carslaw 636 8627 8087
Kajiwara, Kenji Honorary Associate
Kawai, Ray Honorary Professor
Krawczyk, Jacek B Honorary Associate Professor
Kuo, Tzee-Char Former Reader Carslaw 721 9351 2969
Macaskill, Charlie Honorary Associate Professor Carslaw 707A 9351 5070
Mack, John Former Associate Professor
Muller, Samuel Honorary Professor
Palmer, William Honorary Senior Lecturer
Phillips, Collin Honorary Senior Lecturer 9351 4225
Ramagge, Jacqui Honorary Professor
Rice, John Honorary Professor
Saunders, Neil Honorary Associate
Stapledon, Alan SMRI Research Affiliate Quad L4.30
Stark, Alan Honorary Associate
Taylor, Don Honorary Associate Professor Carslaw 609 9351 5775
Winch, Denis Honorary Associate Professor Carslaw 725 9351 3235

Postgraduate Students and Interns

NameResearch GroupRoomPhone
Alessi, Richard
Alfaifi, Zainab
Alhuntushi, Nasser Statistics Carslaw 807
Almond, Benjamin
Alotaibi, Ibrahim Pure Mathematics Carslaw 528 9351 5791
Ameen, Farhan Carslaw 807
Baharlou, Heeva
Bednarek, Alexander Carslaw 807
Bridger, Nick Pure Mathematics Carslaw 807
Burton, Lachlan Applied Mathematics Carslaw 487 9351 5728
Burzevski, Alan
Canete, Nicolas Statistics
Chan, Adam See-Yuen Statistics Carslaw 807
Chen, Hao Statistics
Chen, Niya Statistics Carslaw 807
Curran, Mitchell Applied Mathematics Carslaw 488 9351 5772
Dawson, Sean Applied Mathematics Carslaw 494 9351 5805
Ding, Yining Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807
Draca, Dario Carslaw 807
Ebadi, Arya Statistics Carslaw 807
Farooq, Muhammad Asim Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807
Fortuin, Paul Carslaw 807
Freestone, Jack Statistics Carslaw 807
Gadhi, Adel Statistics Carslaw 807
Garden, Grace Pure Mathematics Carslaw 807
Hobkirk, William Carslaw 807
Hogan, Tamara Pure Mathematics Carslaw 528 9351 5791
Holroyd, Joshua Applied Mathematics Carslaw 485 9351 5727
Hone, Christopher Pure Mathematics Carslaw 484 9351 5803
Huang, Zheng Lyu Statistics Carslaw 807
Irvine, Henry
Issa, Zacharia Nonlinear Analysis
Jakovljevic, Vladimir Applied Mathematics Carslaw 806
Jayathunga, Shanika Carslaw 807
Joudah, Ibrahim Statistics
Kenny, Johann Statistics Carslaw 807
Khatun, Shanta Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807
Khodabakhsh, Neda Carslaw 807
Lapuz, Timothy Applied Mathematics Carslaw 806
Lasic Latimer, Tomas Applied Mathematics Carslaw 530 8627 0697
Lee, Ian Statistics
Leong, Xing Yee Statistics
Little, Eloise Pure Mathematics Carslaw 807
Liu, Cathy Applied Mathematics Carslaw 534
Liu, Peilin Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807
Malliaras Gavrielatos, Thomas
McLaren, Kyle Nonlinear Analysis Carslaw 807
McLeod, Damien Applied Mathematics Carslaw 806
Mechtersheimer, Daniel Carslaw 807
Miltchinov, Nikola Statistics
Morgan, James Pure Mathematics Carslaw 486 9351 5771
Newton, Joseph Pure Mathematics
Osaka, Haruki Statistics
Perrin, Mark Pure Mathematics
Qin, Tao Carslaw 807
Reda, Khalil
Robertson, Harry Statistics Carslaw 807
Sa, Xiao Jeffrey Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807
Shankar, Rajan Carslaw 807
Skinner, Sean Pure Mathematics Carslaw 807
Slegers, Jessica Nonlinear Analysis Carslaw 807
Su, Peng Statistics Carslaw 807 8627 0652
Tidswell, Jonathon Statistics Carslaw 806 9351 5767
Tobin, Lucy Geometry, Topology and Analysis Carslaw 807
Tran, Andy Statistics Carslaw 807
Usman, Farha Statistics Carslaw 490 9351 5730
Vlaskin, Alexey Statistics Carslaw 807
Wagle, Manoj Statistics Carslaw 807
Wang, Chuhan
Willie, Elijah Statistics Carslaw 807
Wondo, Hosea Geometry, Topology and Analysis Carslaw 807
Wong, Steven Statistics Carslaw 807
Woodard, Zoe Applied Mathematics
Wu, Allan Statistics
Wu, Victor Pure Mathematics Carslaw 492 9351 5732
Xu, Huansang Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807
Yau, Chester Pure Mathematics Carslaw 827
Yu, Lijia Statistics Carslaw 807
Yue, Wenqi Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807
Zhou, Junyu Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807
Zhou, Jackson Carslaw 807
Zhu, Wenchuan

Recent Postgraduate Students

NameResearch GroupRoomPhone
Ahmed, Ishraq Applied Mathematics
Alrashdi, Huda Applied Mathematics Carslaw 806 9351 5767
Armstrong, Becky Pure Mathematics Carslaw 807 9351 6298
Badre, Carol Pure Mathematics Carslaw 807
Bokor, Yossi Statistics
Bui, Thi Thu Huong Applied Mathematics
Burrull, Gaston Pure Mathematics Carslaw 528 9351 5791
Bywaters, Timothy Pure Mathematics
Cao, Yue Statistics
Carnaffan, Sean Statistics Carslaw 807 9114 1247
Cartwright, Madeleine Applied Mathematics Carslaw 528 9351 5791
Cassell, Matthew Applied Mathematics Carslaw 492 9351 5732
Ciappara, Joshua Pure Mathematics
Collier, Timothy Nonlinear Analysis
Deshpande, Vinita Statistics
Duignan, Nathan Applied Mathematics Carslaw 606 9351 2979
Eade, Jonathan Applied Mathematics
Emery, Kristen Statistics
Farmer, David Applied Mathematics
Ford, Hugh Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807 9114 1254
Gardiner, Sean Pure Mathematics
Gibson, Joel Pure Mathematics Quad L4.30
Giggins, Brent Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807 9114 1248
Greenaway, Mark Statistics Carslaw 807 9114 1268
Haidar, Zeina Applied Mathematics Carslaw 530 8627 0697
He, Yue Applied Mathematics Carslaw 530 8627 0697
Hester, Eric Applied Mathematics Carslaw 530 8627 0697
Huang, Hao Statistics Carslaw 807
Hunt, Richard Statistics
Ikhimwin, Bernard Applied Mathematics Carslaw 528 9351 5791
James, Nicholas Statistics
Jelbart, Samuel Applied Mathematics Carslaw 492 9351 5732
Jenner, Adrianne Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807 9114 1262
Jiao, Chunxi Statistics Carslaw 807
Kerschl, Alexander Pure Mathematics Carslaw 806 9351 5767
Kim, Hani Jieun Statistics
Kim, Edward Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807
Kim, Taiyun Statistics
Klinger, Lucy Applied Mathematics
Kumbhari, Adarsh Applied Mathematics Carslaw 528 9351 5791
Li, Mengbo Statistics
Lin, Yingxin Statistics Carslaw 827
Loo, Sara Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807 9114 1251
Loughland, Isabella Applied Mathematics
Lyu, Mengfan Pure Mathematics Carslaw 807 9114 1258
Ma, Yilin Nonlinear Analysis
Mangalath, Vishnu Pure Mathematics Carslaw 494 9351 5805
Morgenstern, Tal Applied Mathematics
Mui, Jonathan Nonlinear Analysis Carslaw 807
Nguyen, Diana Minh Huyen Applied Mathematics Carslaw 483 9351 5789
Papadopoulos, George Mathematics Education Carslaw 807 9351 6298
Pooladvand, Pantea Applied Mathematics
Qiu, Qinjing Applied Mathematics Carslaw 806 9351 5767
Romanes, Sarah Statistics
Smith, Connor Statistics Carslaw 806 9351 5767
Song, Gwen Applied Mathematics Carslaw 530 8627 0697
Tate, Dominic Pure Mathematics
Tiplea, Camelia Applied Mathematics
Townsend, Kane Pure Mathematics Carslaw 530 8627 0697
Trad, William Nonlinear Analysis Carslaw 807
Wang, Zitao Statistics
Wang, Ziyuan Applied Mathematics
Wang, Kevin Statistics
Wiggins, Giulian Pure Mathematics Carslaw 530 8627 0697
Wormell, Caroline Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807 9351 6298
Wu, Helen Statistics
Xu, Xiangnan Statistics Carslaw 807
Yang, James Ting Feng Applied Mathematics Carslaw 807
Yau, Yeeka Pure Mathematics Carslaw 530 8627 0697
Yu, Weichang Statistics Carslaw 807 9114 1275
Zhang, Yang Pure Mathematics
Zhang, Yunwei Statistics Carslaw 487

Honours and Graduate Diploma Students

Adily, Pejman Applied Mathematics
Brown, Oliver Applied Mathematics
Cahill, Patrick Applied Mathematics
Cartwright, Tiernan Pure Mathematics
Chen, Jennifer Data Science
Chen, Qikun Statistics
Cheng, Yuxuan Pure Mathematics
Cui, Yijun Data Science
Dai, Zuocheng Data Science
Greene, Isaac Pure Mathematics
Gu, Alistair Data Science
Gui, Guan Statistics
Guo, Yanming Data Science
Hanna, Matthew Pure Mathematics
Hastie, Lewis Data Science
Hiatt, Harry Applied Mathematics
Hu, Ivan Applied Mathematics
Huang, Martin Data Science
Hunter, Daniel Pure Mathematics
Kim, Sanghyun Data Science
Li, Peiran Data Science
Li, Ren Applied Mathematics
Li, Yuhao Data Science
Liang, Cabiria Data Science
Liao, Xiaoying Statistics
Lin, Damian Pure Mathematics
Liu, Lu Data Science
Magarey, William Pure Mathematics
Newman, Nicholas Pure Mathematics
Ning, Junzhi Data Science
Osborne, James Financial Mathematics
Papasavvas, Thomas Financial Mathematics
Pei, Kanglu Data Science
Pita de Abreu, Diego Statistics
Rajesh Rao, Shreya Data Science
Rosenthal, Paul Pure Mathematics
Shi, Yongjiang Data Science
Short, Temana Statistics
Steinbusch, Joska Financial Mathematics
Sun, Fandi Financial Mathematics
Tang, Kejia Data Science
Wang, Yuxuan Data Science
Ward, Eugene Data Science
Woollard, Maximilian Data Science
Xu, Yuan Applied Mathematics
Yan, Huanning Financial Mathematics
Yang, Siyuan Data Science
Zhang, Jiacheng Data Science
Zhang, Daniel Data Science

External Lecturers and Tutors

(Only those who currently have classes are listed)
Ang, Dickson External Demonstrator
Bagheri, Sherwin External Lecturer
Banihashemi, Nahid Linda External Tutor
Butler, Blair Former Honours Student
Chang, Ting-Ying Recent PhD Student
Chen, Wenjing External Tutor
Chen, Yifan External Tutor
Choubina, Irina External Lecturer and Tutor
Chuter, Andrew External Tutor
Denier, James External Tutor
Dennis, Kimberley External Tutor
Dravid, Ashish External Tutor
Dunn, Stephanie External Demonstrator
Edelman, Jake External Tutor
El Rafei, Farah External Tutor
Elhindi, Alec External Tutor
Elton, Thomas External Tutor
Ewins, Albie External Tutor
Fairbrother, Michael External Tutor
Freke, Simon External Tutor
Gan, William External Tutor
Geddes, Thomas External Tutor
Gee, Lachlan External Demonstrator
Gould, Angus External Tutor Carslaw 528 9351 5791
Guan, Kevin External Tutor
Hall, Lachlan External Demonstrator
Hotham, Alan External Tutor
Huang, Hao Recent MPhil Student Carslaw 807
Inkiriwang, Jonathan External Demonstrator
Isaacs, Josie External Demonstrator
Jin, Aiden External Demonstrator
Jin, Qian External Tutor
Kim, Daniel External Tutor Carslaw 807
Kwok, Rachel External Demonstrator
Lama, Benedict External Tutor
Li, James External Tutor
Li, Mingyang External Tutor
Lim, Ben External Tutor
Lin, Elyna External Demonstrator
Liu, Chang External Demonstrator
Liyanage, Nirmala External Tutor
Lyu, Mengfan Recent PhD Student Carslaw 807 9114 1258
Ma, Yilin Recent MPhil Student
Ma, Michael External Tutor
McCallum, Scott External Tutor
Menz, Finlay External Demonstrator
Menzies, Max External Tutor
Metzke, Callum External Demonstrator
Mikkelsen, Max External Tutor Carslaw 528 9351 5791
Miller, Justin External Tutor
Moston-Duggan, Aaron External Tutor
Mui, Jonathan Recent PhD Student Carslaw 807
Muraleedaran, Krishnasamy External Tutor
Nadeem, Akasha External Demonstrator
Neves, Leah External Tutor
Ng, Desmond Recent PhD Student
Nguyen, Diana Minh Huyen Recent PhD Student Carslaw 483 9351 5789
Nguyen, Van Minh Former PhD Student
Nitithumbundit, Thanakorn Recent PhD Student
Notowidigdo, Gennady External Tutor
Oron, Jonathan External Demonstrator
Phillips, Geoff External Tutor
Phung, Justin External Tutor
Pople, Joshua External Tutor
Price, David External Tutor
Raffoul, Raed External Tutor
Rashid, Fariza External Tutor
Rawol, Aryonn External Tutor
Rickard, Xavier External Tutor
Sarac, Brigita External Demonstrator
Saryazdi, Sepehr External Tutor
Saunders, Cosette External Tutor
Scarlet, Lillie Former Honours Student
Stevens, Conrad External Tutor
Stevens, Freya External Tutor
Suhana, Winny External Lecturer and Tutor
Tam, Yves External Lecturer and Tutor
Trad, William Recent PhD Student Carslaw 807
Tseng, Paco External Tutor
Viera, Fernando External Lecturer Carslaw 605
Wang, Zi Lin External Tutor
Wetzel, Alfredo External Tutor
Willyanto, Ricky External Tutor
Wishart, Justin External Lecturer
Woodhouse, Ian External Tutor
Yatigammana, Rasika External Tutor
Zhang, Hanlin External Demonstrator
Zheng, Zhao Mei External Tutor