Undergraduate Study

The Gallery of Electronic Mathematics

Revision Topics

  • Vectors

    This package covers the material taught in the first five weeks of MATH1002. It is intended to assist students who need to revise the basic facts about vectors for other units of study such as MATH2061 or higher-year Engineering.


In most cases there are 12 quizzes; each quiz has 10 questions.

  • Introduction to Linear Algebra

    These quizzes are intended for students enrolled in MATH1014.

  • Linear Algebra

    These quizzes were designed primarily for students enrolled in MATH1002, but students enrolled in MATH1902 should also be able to do them. The first four quizzes are about vectors and the last eight are about matrices.

  • Differential Calculus (mainstream)

    These quizzes are intended for students enrolled in MATH1001. There are currently being revised, and more quizzes will become available as the semester progresses.

  • Differential Calculus (advanced)

    These quizzes were originally designed for MATH1001, but students enrolled in MATH1901 should nevertheless find them useful.

  • Integral Calculus and Modelling

    The quizzes that are presently available address topics from the first part of MATH1003/MATH1903. Further quizzes are being prepared.

  • Applications of Calculus

    These quizzes cover most of the material from MATH1011: functions, derivatives, summation of series, integrals.

  • Statistics

    Suitable for students enrolled in MATH1005 or MATH1905. Students studying introductory statistics as part of another coure (e.g. pharmacy) may also find these quizzes useful.

  • Biostatistics

    Suitable for students enrolled in MATH1015.