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Undergraduate Courses Descriptions of Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Honours units, and some useful links for current undergraduate students
Prospective Students Information about studying in the School, and some links for international students
Careers Information on some of the career opportunities open to graduates in mathematics and/or statistics.
Work, Health and Safety Important health and safety information for students
Bridging Courses Courses in February to bring your HSC mathematics up to the level required by Junior courses in the School
Postgraduate Handbook Details of Graduate Diploma and Certificates, Masters degrees, and the PhD
Special Consideration Information relating to applications for special consideration for illness or misadventure and special arrangements for assessment
Scholarships University information on scholarship opportunities
NQMEC Mathematical essay competition (with prizes!) for University of Sydney undergraduates
pdf problems Reporting and solving problems with pdf files posted on the School's web site
Timetables Lecture and tutorial timetables for all units of study, and for all lecturers and tutors
(Not available until shortly before the start of semester)