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Bridging Courses in Mathematics

The next round of Bridging Courses will run in January-February 2022. For general information about Bridging Courses, click here.


2022 Mathematics Extension 1 Bridging Course

If you intend majoring in mathematics, computer science or physics, or an Engineering course at the University of Sydney, you require a good understanding of HSC Mathematics Extension 1 (3-Unit).

The Extension 1 bridging course is for you if you have completed and have a good understanding of HSC Mathematics Advanced and wish to enrol in a course which has an assumed knowledge of HSC Mathematics Extension 1. The content will cover selected topics from Mathematics Extension 1 that we believe will be of most benefit to students. For details about the content Click here.


The fee for the course is $325 (including GST) and cover 12 hours of tuition in small classes, a book of exercises with brief notes, and the opportunity to spend two additional hours each day in the Learning Hub (Mathematics), where individual help is available. Fees must be paid by credit card (Mastercard or Visa only) when completing the enrolment form (see below).

Payment can be made on-line when you enrol, and will guarantee you a place in the course. See the section "How to enrol and pay" below.

Where to go

The course will run online. Further details will be given in due course.

Enrolment conditions

The University reserves the right to alter arrangements for bridging courses either before or during a course, to cancel or terminate a course or to refuse any enrolment as permitted by law. If there are insufficient enrolments for any course, the University reserves the right to offer students the choice of an alternative arrangement or a refund of fees paid.

If you enrol and pay for a bridging course in advance but later find you are unable to attend the course, your fees will be refunded (less an administration fee of $25) provided you advise us at least one week in advance of the starting date. Our contact details are given below. Please note that the University cannot accept responsibility for any changes in personal circumstances or work commitments.

Privacy Statement: The information you supply in the Registration Form is needed by the Learning Hub (Mathematics) and the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Sydney to manage your enrolment and participation in the bridging course. No personal information will be disclosed outside the University without your express consent, except where required by law.

How to enrol and pay

You must enrol and pay in advance by following links from the Faculty of Science Bridging Courses Webpage. Fees must be paid by credit card (Mastercard or Visa only).

Further information

If you need any further information please contact the Learning Hub (Mathematics): telephone (02) 9351 4061 or email

Note about Prerequisites

For more information about the 2019 onwards mathematics prerequisites Click here. For mathematics support for HSC Mathematics Advanced, please contact the Learning Hub (Mathematics), as above.