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A1. Aslund M, de Sterke CM, Poladian L and Canning J
M. Aslund, C. M. de Sterke, L. Poladian and J. Canning: Bragg Grating Optical Add-drop Multiplexers. VDM Verlag, Berlin, 2008, ISBN ISBN 978-3-639-04974-9, 124 pages.

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Chapters in Books

B1. Berrick AJ and Hillman JA
A.J.Berrick and J.A.Hillman: The Whitehead conjecture and \(L^2\)-Betti numbers, Guido's Book of Conjectures. Monographies de L'Enseignement Mathématique, L'Enseignement Mathé matique, 2008, 35–37.

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Journal Articles

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Margaret Beck, Christopher K. R. T. Jones, David Schaeffer, Martin Wechselberger: Electrical Waves in a One-Dimensional Model of Cardiac Tissue. SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 7 (2008), no.4, 1558–1581. MR2470977

C1. Bennett MR, Buljan V, Farnell L and Gibson WG
Max R. Bennett, Vlado Buljan, Les Farnell, William G. Gibson: Purinergic junctional transmission and propagation of calcium waves in cultured spinal cord microglial networks. Purinergic Signalling, 4 (2008), 47–59.

C1. Bennett MR, Farnell L and Gibson WG
M.R. Bennett, L. Farnell, W.G. Gibson: Origins of blood volume change due to glutamatergic synaptic activity at astrocytes abutting on arteriolar smooth muscle cells. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 250 (2008), 172–185.

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T R Bielecki, M Jeanblanc and M Rutkowski: Pricing and trading credit default swaps in a hazard process model. Annals of Applied Probability, 18 (2008), 2495–2529.

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Yuri V. Borovskikh and John Robinson: Large deviations of bootstrapped \(U\)-statistics. Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 99 (2008), 1793–1806. MR2444819

C1. Borovskikh YV and Weber NC
Yuri V Borovskikh and N C Weber: Berry-Esseen type bounds for trimmed \(U\)-statistics. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 138 (2008), 1059–1071. MR2384505

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Y V Borovskikh and N C Weber: Asymptotic Distributions of Non-Degenerate \(U\)-Statistics on Trimmed Samples. Statistics and Probability Letters, 78 (2008), no.4, 336–346. MR2396407

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S. G. Bosi, J. Hayes, M. C. J. Large, and L. Poladian: Color, iridescence, and thermoregulation in Lepidoptera. Appl. Opt., 47 (2008), 5235–5241.

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David Easdown, James East and D G FitzGerald: A presentation of the dual symmetric inverse monoid. International Journal of Algebra Computation, 18 (2008), no.2, 357–374. MR2403826

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James East: On a class of factorizable inverse monoids associated with braid groups. Communications in Algebra, 36 (2008), no.8, 3155–3190. MR2440306

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James East: Embeddings in coset monoids. Journal of the Australian mathematical society, 85 (2008), no.1, 75–80. MR2460865

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C O Ewald: A note on the Malliavin derivative operator under change of variable. Statistics & Probability Letters, 78 (2008), no.2, 173–178.

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