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A1. Cucker F and Zhou DX
Felipe Cucker, Ding Xuan Zhou: Learning theory: an approximation theory viewpoint. Cambridge Monographs on Applied and Computational Mathematics, M J Ablowitz, S H Davis, E J Hinch, A Iserles, J Ockenden, P J Olver (ed.), Cambridge University Press, USA, 2007, ISBN 978-0-521-86559-3, 223 pages. MR2354721

A1. Molev AI
Alexander Molev: Yangians and Classical Lie Algebras. Mathematical Surveys and Monographs, 143, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 2007, ISBN 978-0-8218-4374-1, 400 pages. MR2355506

A2. Easdown D
David Easdown: A First Course in Linear Algebra. Pearson Education Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW, 2007, ISBN 978 0 7339 9051 9, 247 pages.

Chapters in Books

B1. Bielecki TR, Crepey S, Jeanblanc M and Rutkowski M
Tomasz R Bielecki, S Crepey, M Jeanblanc and M Rutkowski: Valuation of Basket Credit Derivatives in the Credit Migrations Environment, Financial Engineering. Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science, Elsevier Science, -, 2007, ISBN 978-0-444-51781-4, 471–507.

B1. Britton S, New PB, Roberts AL and Sharma MD
Sandra Britton, Peter New, Andrew Roberts and Manjula Sharma: Investigating students' ability to transfer mathematics, Transforming a University. The scholarship of teaching and learning in practice. Sydney University Press, Sydney Australia, 2007, ISBN 978-920898-28-1, 127–140.

B1. Clarkson PA, Joshi N and Mazzocco M
Peter A Clarkson, Nalini Joshi and Marta Mazzocco: The Lax Pair for the MKDV Hierarchy, Th'eories asymptotics et equations de Painlev'e. Seminaires et Congres, Societe Mathematique de France, France, 2007, ISBN 978-2-85629-229-7, 53–64.

B1. Day BJ and Street RH
Brian Day and Ross Street: Centres of monoidal categories of functors, Categories in algebra, geometry and mathematical physics. Contemporary Mathematics, American Mathematical Society, Providence, Rhode Island, 2007, ISBN 0821839705, 187–202. MR2342829

B1. Kelly GM
Maxwell G Kelly: The beginnings of category theory in Australia, Categories in algebra, geometry and mathematical physics. Contemporary Mathematics, American Mathematical Society, Providence, Rhode Island, 2007, ISBN 0821839705, 1–6. MR2342820

B1. Kim PS, Lee PP and Levy D
P.S. Kim, P.P. Lee, D. Levy: Mini-transplants for chronic myelogenous leukemia: a modeling perspective,, Biology and Control Theory: Current Challenges. Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Spring-Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 2007, ISBN ISSN: 0170-8643, 3–20.

B1. Kitaev AV
Alexander V Kitaev: Remarks towards a classification of \(RS_4^2(3)\)-Transformations and algebraic solutions of the sixth Painlevé equation, Théories asymptotics et equations de Painlevé. Seminaires et Congres, Societe Mathematique de France, France, 2007, ISBN 978-2-85629-229-7, 199–227.

B1. Seneta E
Eugene Seneta: The Early Years of the Variance-Gamma Process, Advances in Mathematical Finance. Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis, Birkhauser, Boston, 2007, ISBN 978-0-8176-4544-1, 3–19. MR2359359

Journal Articles

C1. Abelson D, Hong SH and Taylor DE
David Abelson, Seok-Hee Hong and D E Taylor: Geometric automorphism groups of graphs. Discrete and Applied Mathematics, 155 (2007), no.17, 2211–2226. MR2360651

C1. Antony N
Noelle Antony: On parabolic submonoids of a class of singular Artin monoids. Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society, 82 (2007), no.1, 29–37. MR2301969

C1. Arendt W and Daners D
Wolfgang Arendt, Daniel Daners: Uniform convergence for elliptic problems on varying domains. Mathematische Nachrichten, 280 (2007), no.1-2, 28–49. MR2290380

C1. Badziahin D and Levesley J
Dzmitry Badziahin and Jason Levesley: Convergence results for simultaneous & multiplicative Diophantine approximation on planar curves. Glasgow Mathematical Journal, 49 (2007), 367–375.

C1. Balasuriya S, Gottwald GA, Hornibrook J and Lafortune S
Sanjeeva Balasuriya, Georg Gottwald, John Hornibrook and Stéphane Lafortune: High Lewis number combustion wavefronts: a perturbative Melnikov analysis. SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 67 (2007), no.2, 464–486. MR2285873

C1. Barnes DW
Donald W Barnes: On Sikora's spectral sequences. Journal of knot theory and its ramifications, 16 (2007), no.7, 833–867. MR2354264

C1. Bennett MR, Farnell L, Gibson WG and Dickens P
M.R. Bennett, L. Farnell, W.G. Gibson, P. Dickens: Mechanisms of calcium sequestration during facilitation at active zones of an amphibian neuromuscular junction. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 247 (2007), 230–241. MR2312128

C1. Bertram WK and Peiris MS
William K Bertram, M Shelton Peiris: An example of a misclassification problem to Australian equity data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 51 (2007), 3627–3630. MR2364479

C1. Bielecki TR, Jeanblanc M and Rutkowski M
T R Bielecki, M Jeanblanc and M Rutkowski: Hedging of basket credit derivatives in credit default swap market. Journal of Credit Risk, 3 (2007), 91–132.

C1. Britton S, Daners D and Stewart M
Sandra Britton, Daniel Daners and Michael Stewart: A self-assessment test for incoming students. International journal of mathematical education in science and technology, 38 (2007), no.7, 861–868.

C1. Brown G, Dai F and Wang KY
Gavin Brown, Feng Dai and Kunyang Wang: On positive cosine sums. Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, 142 (2007), 219–232. MR2314596

C1. Brown G, Feng D and Móricz F
G Brown, D Feng, F Móricz: Strong Cesàro Summability of Double Fourier Intergrals. Acta Math. Hungar., 115 (2007), no.1-2, 1–12. MR2316618

C1. Cîrstea FC
F.C. Cîrstea: Elliptic equations with competing rapidly varying nonlinearities and boundary blow-up. Advances in Differential Equations, 12 (2007), no.9, 995–1030. MR2351836

C1. Cîrstea FC and Du Y
F.C. Cîrstea, Y. Du: Large solutions of elliptic equations with a weakly superlinear nonlinearity. Journal d'Analyse Mathématique, 103 (2007), no.1, 261–277. MR2373270

C1. Cîrstea FC and Du Y
F.C. Cîrstea, Y. Du: Asymptotic behavior of solutions of semilinear elliptic equations near an isolated singularity. Journal of Functional Analysis, 250 (2007), 317–346. MR2352483

C1. Cîrstea FC and Rădulescu VD
F.C. Cîrstea, V. Rădulescu: Boundary blow-up in nonlinear elliptic equations of Bieberbach-Rademacher type. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 359 (2007), no.7, 3275–3286. MR2299455

C1. Carberry E
Emma Carberry: Minimal tori in \(S^3\). Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 233 (2007), no.1, 41–70.

C1. Carls R
Robert Carls: Canonical coordinates on the canonical lift. Journal of Ramanujan Mathematical Society, 22 (2007), no.1, 1–14. MR2312545

C1. Cartwright DI and Woess W
Donald Cartwright and Wolfgang Woess: The spectrum of the averaging operator on a network (metric graph). Illinois journal of mathematics, 51 (2007), no.3, 805–830. MR2379723

C1. Cavalier L and Raimondo M
Laurent Cavalier and Marc Raimondo: Wavelet deconvolution with noisy eigenvalues. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 55 (2007), no.6, 2414–2424.

C1. Chan JSK, Choy STB and Lee ABW
Jennifer S.K. Chan, S.T. Boris Choy and Anna B.W. Lee: Bayesian analysis of constant elasticity of variance models. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 23 (2007), 83–96. MR2344607

C1. Cheng SJ, Wang W and Zhang RB
Shun-Jen Cheng, Weigiang Wang, R B Zhang: A Fock space approach to representation theory of osp(2|2n). Transformation Groups, 12 (2007), no.2, 209–225. MR2323682

C1. Chesebro E and Tillmann S
Stephan Tillmann and Eric Chesebro: Not all boundary slopes are strongly detected by the character variety. Communications in Analysis and Geometry, 15 (2007), 695–723.

C1. Cohen AM and Taylor DE
Arjeh M. Cohen and D. E. Taylor: On a certain Lie algebra defined by a finite group. American Mathematical Monthly, 114 (2007), no.7, 633–639. MR2341327

C1. Cowan R
Richard Cowan: Identities linking volumes of convex hulls. Advances in Applied Probability, 39 (2007), no.3, 630–640.

C1. Crooks ECM, Dancer EN and Hillhorst D
E C M Crooks, E N Dancer and D Hillhorst: Fast reaction limit and long time behavior for a competition-diffusion system with Dirichlet boundary conditions. Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series B, 8 (2007), no.1, 39–44.

C1. Cushman R, Dullin HR, Hanßmann H and Schmidt S
R. Cushman, H.R. Dullin, H. Hanßmann, S. Schmidt: The \(1\colon\pm2\) resonance. Regul. Chaotic Dyn., 12 (2007), 642–663.

C1. Dancer EN
E N Dancer: Conley indices on covex sets, attractor-repeller pairs and applications to multiple solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations. Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications, 1 (2007), 47–60. MR2282343

C1. Dancer EN
E N Dancer: Supercritical finite Morse index solutions. Nonlinear Analysis, 66 (2007), no.1, 268–269. MR2271654

C1. Dancer EN
E N Dancer: Domain variation and non-uniqueness of homoclinic solutions of some partial differential equations on strips. Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations, 19 (2007), no.3, 709–718. MR2350244

C1. Dancer EN, Ren X and Yan S
Edward Norman Dancer, Xiaofeng Ren and Shusen Yan: On multiple radial solutions of a singularly perturbed nonlinear elliptic system. SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis, 38 (2007), no.6, 2005–2041. MR2299439

C1. Dancer EN and Santra S
E N Dancer and Sanjiban Santra: On the Superlinear Lazer-McKenna conjecture: the non-homogeneous case. Advances in differential equations, 12 (2007), no.9, 961–993. MR2351835

C1. Dancer EN and Wei J
E N Dancer and Juncheng Wei: Sign-changing solutions for supercritical elliptic problems in domains with small holes. Manuscripta Mathematica, 123 (2007), no.4, 493–454.

C1. Dancer EN and Yan S
E N Dancer and Shusen Yan: A new type of concentration solutions for a singularly perturbed elliptic problem. Transactions of the American mathematical society, 359 (2007), no.4, 1765–1790. MR2272148

C1. Dancer EN and Yan S
E N Dancer and Shusen Yan: Remarks on the existence of many solutions of certain nonlinear elliptic equations. Bolletino U.M.I., 8 (2007), no.10 (B), 1013–1023.

C1. Daners D and Kennedy JB
Daniel Daners, James Kennedy: Uniqueness in the Faber–Krahn inequality for Robin problems. SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis, 39 (2007), no.4, 1191–1207. MR2368899

C1. Davison CM and Dullin HR
C.M. Davison, H.R. Dullin: Geodesic flow on three dimensional ellipsoids with equal semi-axes. Regul. Chaotic Dyn., 12 (2007), 172–197.

C1. Davison CM, Dullin HR and Bolsinov AV
C.M. Davison, H.R. Dullin, A.V. Bolsinov: Geodesics on the Ellipsoid and Monodromy. J. Geom. Phys., 57 (2007), 2437–2454.

C1. Dullin HR, Schmidt S, Richter PH and Großmann S
H. R. Dullin, S. Schmidt, P. H. Richter, and S. Großmann: Extended Phase Diagram of the Lorenz Model. Int. J. Bif. Chaos, 17 (2007), 3013–3033.

C1. Dullin HR and Vu Ngoc S
H.R. Dullin, Vu Ngoc S: Symplectic Invariants near Hyperbolic-Hyperbolic Points. Regul. Chaotic Dyn., 12 (2007), 689–716.

C1. East J
James East: Braids and partial permutations. Advances in Mathematics, 213 (2007), no.1, 440–461. MR2331250

C1. East J
James East: Vines and partial transformations. Advances in Mathematics, 216 (2007), no.2, 787–810. MR2351378

C1. Ewald CO, McNamara J and Houston J
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C1. Falconer I, Gottwald GA, Melbourne I and Wormnes K
Ian Falconer, Georg A. Gottwald, Ian Melbourne, and Kjetil Wormnes: Application of the 0-1 Test for Chaos to Experimental Data. SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems, 6 (2007), no.2, 395–402. MR2318660

C1. Fieker C
Claus Fieker: Sparse representation for cyclotomic fields. Experimental Mathematics, 16 (2008), no.4, 493–500.

C1. Fieker C and de Graaf W
Claus Fieker and Willem de Graaf: Finding integral linear dependencies of algebraic numbers and algebraic Lie algebras. London Mathematical Society Journal of Computational Mathematics, 10 (2007), 271–287.

C1. Field CM
Chris M Field: Extension of the Adler-Bobenko-Suris classification of integrable lattice-equations. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 40 (2007), F589–F600. MR2369949

C1. Field CM and Ormerod CM
Chris M. Field and Chris M. Ormerod: An Ultradiscrete Matrix Version of the Fourth Painlevé Equation. Advances in Difference Equations, 2007 (2007), 12.

C1. Finlay R and Seneta E
Richard Finlay and Eugene Seneta: A Gamma activity time process with noninteger parameter and self-similar limit. Journal of Applied Probability, 44 (2007), no.3, 950–959. MR2382937

C1. Fisher NI, Cribb JHJ and Peacock AJ
N J Fisher, J H J Cribb and A J Peacock: Reading the public mind: a novel approach to improving the adoption of new science and technology. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture, 47 (2007), 1262–1271.

C1. Fung T and Seneta E
Thomas Fung, Eugene Seneta: Tailweight, quantiles and kurtosis: A study of competing distributions. Operations Research Letters, 35 (2007), 448–454. MR2333314

C1. Ghoussoub N and Tzou L
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William G. Gibson, Les Farnell, Max R. Bennett: A computational model relating changes in cerebral blood volume to synaptic activity in neurons. Neurocomputing, 70 (2007), 1674–1679.

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G.A. Gottwald: Dispersive regularizations and numerical discretizations for the inviscid Burgers. J Phys A, 40 (2007), no.49, 14745–14758. MR2441872

C1. Gottwald GA, Oliver M and Tecu N
G.A. Gottwald, M. Oliver and N. Tecu: Long-time accuracy for approximate slow manifolds in a finite dimensional model of balance. Journal of Nonlinear Science, 17 (2007), no.4, 283–307. MR2335123

C1. Gow L
Lucy Gow: Gauss decomposition of the Yangian \(Y(\mathfrak{gl}_{m|n})\). Communications in Mathematical Physics, 276 (2007), no.3, 799–825. MR2350438

C1. Hay M
Mike Hay: Hierarchies of nonlinear integrable q-difference equations from series of Lax pairs. Journal of Physics: Mathematical and Theoretical, 40 (2007), 10457–10471. MR2371129

C1. Hay M, Hietarinta J, Joshi N and Nijhoff FW
Mike Hay, Jarmo Hietarinta, Nalini Joshi and Frank Nijhoff: A Lax pair for a lattice modified KdV equation, reductions to \(q\)-Painlevé equations and associated Lax pairs. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 40 (2007), no.2, F61–F73. MR2303490

C1. Henderson A
Anthony Henderson: Induced characters of the projective general linear group over a finite field. Journal of Algebra, 307 (2007), no.1, 116–135. MR2278045

C1. Henderson A
Anthony Henderson: Nilpotent orbits of linear and cyclic quivers and Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials of type A. Representation Theory, 11 (2007), 95–121. MR2320806

C1. Hillman JA
J.A.Hillman: On 4-manifolds with zero-entropy metrics. Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, 39 (2007), 327–328. MR2323466

C1. Hillman JA
Jonathan A Hillman: Geometries and infrasolvmanifolds in dimension 4. Geom Dedicata, 129 (2007), 57–72. MR2353982

C1. Hillman JA and Kochloukova DH
J.A.Hillman, D.H.Kochloukova: Finiteness conditions and \(PD_r\)-group covers of \(PD_n\)-complexes. Mathematische Zeitschrift, 256 (2007), 45 – 56. MR2282258

C1. Houdré C and Kawai R
Christian Houdré and Reiichiro Kawai: On layered stable processes. Bernoulli, 13 (2007), no.1, 252–278.

C1. Hu Z, Petrov VV and Robinson J
Zhishui Hu, Valentin V Petrov and John Robinson: On large deviations of sums of independent random variables. Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, 36 (2007), no.10, 1981–1992. MR2396550

C1. Hu Z, Robinson J and Wang Q
Zhishui Hu, John Robinson and Qiying Wang: Cramer_Type Large Deviations for Samples from a Finite Population. The Annals of Statistics, 35 (2007), no.2, 673–696. MR2336863

C1. Hu Z, Robinson J and Wang Q
Zhishui Hu, John Robinson and Qiying Wang: Edgeworth expansions for a sample sum from a finite set of independent random variables. The Electronic Journal of Probability, 12 (2007), 1402–1417. MR2354163

C1. Jayaswal V, Robinson J and Jermiin LS
Vivek Jayaswal, John Robinson and Lars Jermiin: Estimation of Phylogeny and Invariant Sites under the General Markov Model of Nucleotide Sequence Evolution. Systematic Biology, 56 (2007), no.2, 155–162.

C1. Joshi N, Kitaev AV and Treharne PA
N. Joshi, A. V. Kitaev and P. A. Treharne: On the linearization of the Painlevé III–VI equations and reductions of the three-wave resonant system. Journal of Mathematical Physics, 48 (2007), no.10, 103512 (42pp).

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U Keich, P Ng: A conservative parametric approach to motif significance analysis. Genome Informatics, 19 (2007), 61–72.

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Gerard Kerkyacharian, Dominique Picard, Marc Raimondo: Adaptive boxcar deconvolution on full Lebesgue measure sets. Statistica Sinica, 17 (2007), no.1, 317–340. MR2352512

C1. Kim PS, Lee PP and Levy D
P.S. Kim, P.P. Lee, D. Levy: Modeling regulation mechanisms in the immune system. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 246 (2007), no.1, 33–69.

C1. Kolassa JE and Robinson J
John E Kolassa, John Robinson: Conditional saddlepoint approximations for non-continuous and non-lattice distributions. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 137 (2007), no.1, 133–147. MR2292846

C1. Kułik R
Rafal Kulik: Bahadur-Kiefer theory for sample quantiles of weakly dependent linear processes. Bernoulli: a journal of mathematical statistics and probability, 13 (2007), no.4, 1071–1090. MR2364227

C1. Kułik R and Wichelhaus C
Rafal Kulik and Cornelia Wichelhaus: Dependence in lag for markov chains on partially ordered state spaces with applications to degradable networks. Stochastic models, 23 (2007), no.4, 683–696. MR2362703

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Olver, S.: Numerical approximation of vector-valued highly oscillatory integrals. BIT Numerical Mathematics, 47 (2007), 637–655.

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A.L.Roberts, M.D.Sharma, S.Britton, P.B.New: An index to measure the ability of first year science students to transfer mathematics. International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 38 (2007), no.4, 429–448.

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M Rutkowski and K Yousiph: PDE approach to the valuation and hedging of basket credit derivatives. International journal of theoretical and applied finance, 10 (2007), 1261–1285.

C1. Rutkowski M and Yu N
M Rutkowski and N Yu: An extension of the Brody-Hughston-Macrina approach to modeling of defaultable bonds. International journal of theoretical and applied finance, 10 (2007), 557–589.

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Steve Smale, Ding-Xuan Zhou: Learning theory estimates via integral operators and their approximations.. Constr. Approx., 26 (2007), no.2, #8211;172. MR2327597

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