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A1. Hillman JA
Jonathan Hillman: Algebraic Invariants of Links. Knots and Everything, 32 World Scientific, Singapore, 2002, ISBN 981-238-154-6, xii+305 pages. MR2003k:57014

A1. Hillman JA
J.A. Hillman: Four-Manifolds, Geometries and Knots. Geometry and Topology Monographs, 5 Geometry and Topology Publications, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick, 2002, xiv+379 pages. MR2003m:57047

A1. Lai KF and Zhao CL
K. F. Lai , C.L. Zhao: Modular Curves. Peking University Graduate Text, Peking University Press, Beijing China, 2002, ISBN 7-301-05483-1, 243 pages.

A3. Fieker C and Kohel DR
Claus Fieker, David R Kohel: ANTS-V Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, Berlin Heidelberg, 2002, 515 pages.

Chapters in Books

B1. Ball CA, Chen Y, Panavally S, Sherlock G, Speed TP, Spellman PT and Yang YH
C.A. Ball, Y. Chen, S. Panavally, G. Sherlock, T. Speed, P.T. Spellman, Y.H. Yang: Section7: An introduction to microarray bioinformatics., DNA Microarrays: A Molecular Cloning Manual. Cold Spring Harbor Press, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, 2002, ISBN 0-87969-625-7, 509–602.

B1. Cannon JJ and Unger WR
J Cannon & W Unger: Magma, Handbook of Computer Algebra, foundations, applications, systems. Springer, Berlin, 2002, 295–307.

B1. Clarkson PA and Cosgrove CM
P. A. Clarkson, C. M. Cosgrove: Symmetry, the Chazy equation and Chazy hierarchies, Isomonodromic Deformations and Applications in Physics. CRM Proceedings and Lecture Notes, American Mathematical Society, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, 2002, ISBN 0-8218-2804-5, 113–129. MR2003a:34010

B1. Lehrer GI
G I Lehrer: Geometric themes in representation theory, Algebra in the 21st century. Beijing Normal University Press, Beijing, 2002, ISBN 7-301-05532-3, 3–49.

Journal Articles

C1. Adàmek J, Borceux F, Lack S and Rosický J
J. Adàmek, F. Borceux, Stephen Lack, and J. Rosicky: A classification of accessible categories. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 175 (2002), 7–30. MR2003i:18006

C1. Altinok S, Brown G and Reid M
Selma Altinok, Gavin Brown, Miles Reid: Fano 3-folds, K3 surfaces and graded rings. Contemporary Mathematics, 314 (2002), 25–53. MR1941620

C1. Bennett MR, Gibson WG and Lemon G
M.R. Bennett, W.G. Gibson, G. Lemon: Neuronal cell death, nerve growth factor and neurotrophic models: 50 years on. Autonomic Neuroscience, 95 (2002), 1–23.

C1. Borner MM, Dietrich D, Stupp R, Morant R, Honegger H, Wernli M, Herrmann R, Pestalozzi BC, Saletti P, Hanselmann S, Müller S, Brauchli P, Castiglione-Gertsch M, Goldhirsch A and Roth AD
Markus M Borner, Daniel Dietrich, Roger Stupp, Rudolf Morant, Hanspeter Honegger, Martin Wernli, Richard Herrmann, Bernhard C Pestalozzi, Piercarlo Saletti, Silvia Hanselmann, Samuel Müller, Peter Brauchli, Monica Castiglione-Gertsch, Aron Goldhirsch, Arnaud D Roth: Phase II study of capecitabine and oxaliplatin in first- and second-line treatment of advanced or metastatic colorectal cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 20 (2002), no.7, 1759–1766.

C1. Borovskikh YV and Weber NC
Y.V. Borovskikh and N.C. Weber: Bounds for non-Gaussian approximations of U-statistics. Journal of Theoretical Probability, 15 (2002), 343–382. MR2003c:62035

C1. Bridges JFP, Stewart M, King MT and van Gool K
J.F.P. Bridges, M. Stewart, M.T. King, K. van Gool: Adapting portfolio theory for the evaluation of multiple investments in health with a multiplicative extension for treatment synergies. European Journal of Health Economics, 3 (2002), 47–53.

C1. Bridges T, Derks G and Gottwald GA
T. Bridges, G. Derks, G.A. Gottwald: A numerical framework for computing spectra of the linearization about solitary waves and fronts. Physica D, 172 (2002), 190–216. MR1946769

C1. Brown G, Dai F and Yong SS
Brown Gavin, Dai Feng, Yongsheng Sun: Kolmogorov width of classes of smooth functions on the sphere \(\mathbb{S}^{d-1}\). Journal of Complexity, 18 (2002), 1001–1023. MR2003g:41039

C1. Brown G, Feng D and Sun Y
Gavin Brown, Dai Feng, Yongsheng Sun: Kolmogorov width of classes of smooth functions on the sphere. Advances in Mathematics (China), 31 (2002), 181–184. MR1912049

C1. Brown G and Móricz F
Gavin Brown, Ferenc Móricz: Multivariate Hausdorff operators on the spaces \(L^P(\mathbb{R}^n)\). Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 271 (2002), 443–454. MR2003g:47059

C1. Brown G, William M and Pollington AD
Gavin Brown, William Moran, Andrew D Pollington: Schmidt's conjecture on normality for dimension two. Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications, 5 (2002), 427–441. MR2003g:11081

C1. Cîrstea FC and Rădulescu VD
F.C. Cîrstea, V. Rădulescu: Entire solutions blowing up at infinity for semilinear elliptic systems. Journal de Mathématiques Pures et Appliquées, 81 (2002), no.9, 827–846. MR1940369

C1. Cîrstea FC and Rădulescu VD
F. C. Cîrstea, V. Rădulescu: Uniqueness of the blow-up boundary solution of logistic equations with absorption. Comptes Rendus Mathématique. Académie des Sciences. Paris, 335 (2002), no.5, 447–452. MR1937111

C1. Cîrstea FC and Rădulescu VD
F.C. Cîrstea, V. Rădulescu: Blow-up boundary solutions of semilinear elliptic problems. Nonlinear Analysis. Theory, Methods and Applications, 48 (2002), no.4, 521–534. MR1871465

C1. Cîrstea FC and Rădulescu VD
Florica-Corina St. Cîrstea, Vicentiu D. Rădulescu: Existence and uniqueness of blow-up solutions for a class of logistic equations. Communications in Contemporary Mathematics, 4 (2002), no.3, 559–586. MR2003f:35120

C1. Campos J, Dancer EN and Ortega R
J Campos, E N Dancer, R Ortega: Dynamics in the neighbourhood of a continuum of fixed points. Annali di Matematica, 180 (2002), 483–492. MR2003a:37050

C1. Cao D, Noussair ES and Yan S
Cao Daomin, Noussair Ezzat S, Yan Shusen: On the scalar curvature equation \(-\Delta u=(1+\epsilon K)u^{(N+2)/(N-2)}\) in \(\mathbb{R}^ N\). Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations, 15 (2002), no.3, 403–419. MR2003i:35079

C1. Cartwright DI and Kupka J
Donald I Cartwright, Joseph Kupka: When factorial quotients are integers. Australian Mathematical Society Gazette, 29 (2002), no.1, 19–29. MR2003g:11019

C1. Cartwright DI and Steger TM
Donald I Cartwright, Tim Steger: Elementary symmetric polynomials in numbers of modulus 1. Canadian Journal of Mathematics, 54 (2002), 239–262. MR2003h:05188

C1. Chabrowski J and Yan S
Chabrowski J, Yan Shusen: On the nonlinear Neumann problem at resonance with critical Sobolev nonlinearity. Colloquium Mathematicum, 1 (2002), 141–150. MR2003h:35069

C1. Chapman CL, James JJ and Bourke PD
Clare L Chapman, James J Wright, Paul D Bourke: Spatial eigenmodes and synchronous oscillation: Co-incidence detection in simulated cerebral cortex. Journal of Mathematical Biology, 45 (2002), 57–78. MR2003b:92004

C1. Cheung HL, Tang C and Zhou DX
Hoi Ling Cheung, Canqin Tang, Ding-Xuan Zhou: Supports of locally linearly independent \(M\)-refinable functions, attractors of iterated function systems and tilings.. Adv. Comput. Math., 17 (2002), no.3, #8211;268. MR1913388

C1. Cockett JRB and Lack S
J.R.B. Cockett and Stephen Lack: Restriction categories I: categories of partial maps. Theoretical Computer Science, 270 (2002), 223–259. MR2002k:18007

C1. Coleman CE and Easdown D
Coleman Clare, Easdown David: Decomposition of rings under the circle operation. Beitraege zur Algebra und Geometrie, 43 (2002), 55–88. MR2003f:16035

C1. Cresswell C and Joshi N
C. Cresswell and N. Joshi: Consistent composition of Bäcklund transformations produces confined maps. Letters in Mathematical Physics, 61 (2002), no.1, 1–14. MR2004a:39029

C1. Dancer EN
E N Dancer: Uniqueness and generic non-degeneracy on Strips. Advanced Nonlinear Studies, 2 (2002), 133–145. MR2003f:35098

C1. Dancer EN
E N Dancer: Bifurcation from simple Eigenvalues and Eigenvalues of geometric multiplicity one. The Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, 34 (2002), 533–538. MR2003f:58026

C1. Dancer EN
E Norman Dancer: Some results for jumping nonlinearities. Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis, 19 (2002), 221–235. MR2003f:35099

C1. Dancer EN and Du Y
E N Dancer, Yihong Du: Effects of certain degeneracies in the predator-prey model. SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis, 34 (2002), 292–314. MR2004a:35064

C1. Dancer EN and Huang Q
Dancer E N, Huang Qingguang: Spatial independence of invariant sets of parabolic systems. Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations, 14 (2002), 405–441. MR2003h:35099

C1. Dancer EN and Yan S
E N Dancer and Shusen Yan: On the profile of the changing sign mountain pass solutions for an elliptic problem. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 354 (2002), no.9, 3573–3600. MR2003d:35082

C1. Dancer EN and Yan S
E N Dancer and Shusen Yan: Multibump solutions for an elliptic problem in expanding domains. Communications in Partial Differential Equations, 27 (2002), 23–55. MR2002m:35067

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C1. Davis S and Luckock HC
Davis Simon, Luckock Hugh: The quantum theory of the quadratic gravity action for heterotic strings. General Relativity and Gravitation, 34 (2002), no.10, 1751–1765. MR2003g:83112

C1. Diaz E, Ge Y, Yang YH, Loh KC, Serafini TA, Okazaki Y, Hayashizaki Y, Speed TP, Ngai J and Scheiffele P
Diaz, E., Ge, Y., Yang, Y. H., Loh, K.C., Serafini, T.A., Okazaki, Y., Hayashizaki, Y.,Speed. T.P., Ngai, J., and Scheiffele, P.: Molecular Analysis of Gene Expression in the Developing Pontocerebellar Projection System. Neuron, 36 (2002), no.3, 417–434.

C1. Dipper R and Mathas A
Richard Dipper and Andrew Mathas: Morita equivalences of Ariki-Koike algebras. Mathematische Zeitschrift, 240 (2002), 579–610. MR2003h:20011

C1. Duan Y, Liu X and Zhang PM
Yi-shi Duan, Xin Liu, Peng-ming Zhang: Decomposition theory of the U(1) gauge potential and the London assumption in topological quantum mechanics. Journal of Physics-Condensed Matter, 14 (2002), 7941.

C1. Durrant CJ
Durrant CJ: Polar magnetic fields. Filaments and the zero-flux contour. Solar Physics, 211 (2002), 83–102.

C1. Durrant CJ, Turner JPR and Wilson PR
C.J. Durrant, J. Turner and P.R. Wilson: Bipolar magnetic fields emerging at high latitudes. Solar Physics, 211 (2002), 103–124.

C1. Farajollahi H and Luckock HC
Farajollahi Hossein, Luckock Hugh: Dirac observables and the phase space of general relativity. General Relativity and Gravitation, 34 (2002), no.10, 1685–1699. MR2003m:83051

C1. Fisher NI
N I Fisher: The power binomial distribution: a flexible (two-parameter) finite probability distribution. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 18 (2002), 219–224. MR1932638

C1. Fraser WB and Champneys AR
W Barrie Fraser and Alan R Champneys: The 'Indian rope trick' for a parametrically excited flexible rod: nonlinear and subharmonic analysis. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, 458 (2002), 1353–1373. MR2003e:74038

C1. Gagen TM
Terry Gagen: Elementary methods in primes in arithmetic sequences. Australian Mathematical Society Gazette, 29 (2002), no.1, 13–18. MR2003f:11010

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Gaudry P, Hess F, Smart N P: Constructive and destructive facets of Weil descent on elliptic curves. Journal of Cryptology, 15 (2002), 19–46. MR2003b:14032

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C1. Gray BF, Kalliadasis S, Lazarovici A, Macaskill C, Merkin JH and Scott SK
B.F. Gray, S. Kalliadasis, A. Lazarovici, C. Macaskill, J.H. Merkin and S.K. Scott: The suppression of an exothermic branched-chain flame through endothermic reaction and radical scavenging. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series A, 458 (2002), 2119–2138. MR2003f:80008

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R. Henery, L. Farnell, W.G. Gibson, M.R. Bennett: Potential fields in vascular smooth muscle generated by transmitter release from sympathetic varicosities. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 218 (2002), 531–548. MR2027548

C1. Hillman JA
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C1. Hillman JA
J.A.Hillman: An homology 4-sphere group with negative deficiency. L'Enseignement Mathématique. Revue Internationale, IIe Série, 48 (2002), 259–262. MR2003m:57046

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A.N.W. Hone, N. Joshi and A. V. Kitaev: An entire function defined by a nonlinear recurrence relation. Journal of the London Mathematical Society, 66 (2002), 377–387. MR2003g:30045

C1. Huang BY, Durrant CJ, Johnson CWL and Murray GM
Huang BY, Durrant CJ, Johnson CWL, Murray GM: A method of indirect registration of the coordinates of condylar points with a six-degree-of-freedom jaw tracker. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 117 (2002), 183–191.

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Shuzo Izumi, Satoshi Koike and Tzee-Char Kuo: Computations and stability of the Fukui invariant. Compositio Mathematica, 130 (2002), 49–73. MR2003a:32050

C1. James GD and Mathas A
Gordon James and Andrew Mathas: Equating decomposition numbers for different primes. Journal of Algebra, 258 (2002), 599–614. MR2003i:20006

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Bing-Yi Jing, John E Kolassa, John Robinson: Partial saddlepoint approximations for transformed means. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics. Theory and Applications, 29 (2002), no.4, 721–731. MR2004d:62153

C1. Katis P, Sabadini N and Walters RFC
P Katis, Nicoletta Sabadini, Robert F C Walters: Feedback, trace and fixed-point semantics. Theoretical Informatics and Applications, 36 (2002), 181–194. MR2003k:68071

C1. Kearns JL, Farnell L, Gibson WG, Lin YQ and Bennett MR
J. Kearns, L. Farnell, W.G. Gibson, Y.Q. Lin, M.R. Bennett: Quantal current fields around individual boutons in sympathetic ganglia. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 214 (2002), 135–146.

C1. Keich U and Pevzner PA
U Keich, P A Pevzner: Subtle motifs: defining the limits of motif finding algorithms. Bioinformatics, 18 (2002), no.10, 1382–1390.

C1. Keich U and Pevzner PA
U Keich, P A Pevzner: Finding motifs in the twilight zone. Bioinformatics, 18 (2002), no.10, 1374–1381.

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Kelly Max, Labella Anna, Schmitt Vincent, Street Ross: Categories enriched on two sides. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 168 (2002), 53–98. MR2003f:18006

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