Undergraduate Study

Mathematics and Statistics in the Summer School


The Summer School Coordinator for the School of Mathematics and Statistics is Dr Nathan Brownlowe.

The Deputy Summer School Coordinator is Dr Brad Roberts.

For general information about the University of Sydney Summer School, follow links from the Sydney Summer School web page.

For further information about mathematics and statistics courses offered during first and second semesters, follow links from the main Mathematics and Statistics teaching page.

Calculators in exams

For almost all examinations in units of study taught by the School of Mathematics and Statistics, students are permitted to take their own electronic calculator into the examination room provided it has been approved. The list of approvable calculators is on the Examinations Office web site with instructions on how to get your calculator approved.

Students would be well advised to purchase one of these. Students must get an approved sticker put on their calculator at the Student Centre in the Jane Foss Russell building.

Course notes

Printed lecture notes for MATH1001, MATH1003, MATH1011, MATH1013 and MATH2061 are available from Kopystop, Shop 3/55 Mountain Street, Broadway. Please note that Kopystop will close on Thursday 21 December 2017 and will reopen on Monday 15 January 2018.

Units of Study 2018

The following units of study were offered in the 2018 Summer School, taking place during most of January and February 2018:

  • MATH1001 Differential Calculus (3 credit points),
  • MATH1002 Linear Algebra (3 credit points),
  • MATH1003 Integral Calculus and Modelling (3 credit points),
  • MATH1004 Discrete Mathematics (3 credit points),
  • MATH1005 Statistics (3 credit points),
  • MATH1011 Applications of Calculus (3 credit points),
  • MATH1013 Mathematical Modelling (3 credit points),
  • MATH2061 Linear Mathematics and Vector Calculus (6 credit points),
  • MATH2065 Introduction to Partial Differential Equations (6 credit points),