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Members of the Nonlinear Analysis Research Group

Academic and Research Staff

Cîrstea, Florica-Corina Professor Carslaw 719 9351 2965
Daners, Daniel Associate Professor Carslaw 715 9351 2966
Hauer, Daniel Senior Lecturer Carslaw 613 8627 0092
Myerscough, Mary Professor Carslaw 626 9351 3724

Former and Honorary Staff

Dancer, Norman Emeritus Professor Carslaw 707A 9351 5070
Farnell, Les Honorary Associate Carslaw 725 9351 2967
Gibson, Bill Honorary Associate Professor Carslaw 725 9351 2967

Current Postgraduate Students

Alarfaj, Eman PhD Student
Issa, Zacharia MPhil Student
McLaren, Kyle MPhil Student Carslaw 807
Ragas, Ruzzel MPhil Student
Slegers, Jessica PhD Student Carslaw 807

Recent Postgraduate Students

Collier, Timothy Recent PhD Student
Ma, Yilin Recent MPhil Student
Mui, Jonathan Recent PhD Student Carslaw 807
Trad, William Recent PhD Student Carslaw 807