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Bioinformatics research area

The bioinformatics research area is part of the data and modelling research cluster.

The bioinformatics research area has its own web page.

Academic and Research Staff

Ghazanfar, Shila Discovery Early Career Researcher Carslaw 708
Grazian, Clara Senior Lecturer Carslaw 822
Keich, Uri Associate Professor Carslaw 821 9351 2307
Lin, Yingxin Postdoctoral Research Associate Carslaw 827
Ormerod, John Associate Professor Carslaw 815 9351 5883
Patrick, Ellis Associate Professor Carslaw 816
Strbenac, Dario Research Associate Carslaw 827 9351 3039
Tarr, Garth Associate Professor Carslaw 828 8627 8033
Thind, Amarinder Singh Postdoctoral Research Associate
Wang, Rachel Senior Lecturer Carslaw 820
Yang, Pengyi Associate Professor Carslaw 812
Yang, Jean Professor Carslaw 824 9351 3012

Recent Postgraduate Students

Kim, Hani Jieun Former PhD Student