More insights into the Trudinger-Moser inequality with monomial weight

Petr Gurka, Daniel Hauer


In this paper we present a detailed study of critical embeddings of weighted Sobolev spaces into weighted Orlicz spaces of exponential type for weights of monomial type. More precisely, we give an alternative proof of a recent result by N. Lam [NoDEA 24(4), 2017] showing the optimality of the constant in the Trudinger-Moser inequality. We prove a Poincaré inequality for this class of weights. We show that the critical embedding is optimal within the class of Orlicz target spaces. Moreover, we prove that it is not compact, and derive a corresponding version of P.-L. Lions’ principle of concentrated compactness.

Keywords: Trudinger-Moser inequality, monomial weight, compact embedding, concentrated compactness.

AMS Subject Classification: Primary 46E35; secondary 46E30, 35A23, 26D15.

This paper is available as a pdf (236kB) file.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020