Symmetries and invariants of twisted quantum algebras and associated Poisson algebras

A. I. Molev and E. Ragoucy


We construct an action of the braid group B_N on the twisted quantized enveloping algebra U'_q(o_N) where the elements of B_N act as automorphisms. In the classical limit q -> 1 we recover the action of B_N on the polynomial functions on the space of upper triangular matrices with ones on the diagonal. The action preserves the Poisson bracket on the space of polynomials which was introduced by Nelson and Regge in their study of quantum gravity and re-discovered in the mathematical literature. Furthermore, we construct a Poisson bracket on the space of polynomials associated with another twisted quantized enveloping algebra U'_q(sp_{2n}). We use the Casimir elements of both twisted quantized enveloping algebras to re-produce some well-known and construct some new polynomial invariants of the corresponding Poisson algebras.
This paper is available as a pdf (230kB) file.
Monday, February 5, 2007