Cofull Embeddings in Coset Monoids

James East


Easdown, East and FitzGerald (2004) gave a sufficient condition for a (factorizable inverse) monoid to embed as a cofull submonoid of the coset monoid of its group of units. We show that this condition is also \emph{necessary}. This yields a simple description of the class of finite monoids which embed in the coset monoids of their group of units. We apply our results to give a short proof of the result of McAlister (1980) that the symmetric inverse semigroup on a finite set X does not embed in the coset monoid of the symmetric group on X. We also present examples which show that the word "cofull" may not be removed.

Keywords: Factorizable inverse monoid, coset monoid, symmetric inverse semigroup.

AMS Subject Classification: Primary 20M18; Secondary 20M30.

This paper is available as a gzipped dvi (12kB) file and a PDF (136kB) file.
Thursday, July 14, 2005