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Asymptotics and Nonparametrics Workshop

To mark the 65th Birthday of Professor John Robinson

Sponsored by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute

The meeting will be held in Room 173, Carslaw Building, University of Sydney on 31 March and 1 April, 2005.


Thursday 31 March, 2005

9.00 Registration

9.15 Welcome – Don Taylor, Head of School

9.30 Elvezio Ronchetti, University of Geneva: Robust second order accurate inference for generalized linear models.

10.15 Brenton Clarke, Murdoch University: Asymptotic theory associated with M-estimators when dealing with multiple roots.

11.00 Morning Tea

11.30 Steven Stern, Australian National University: Simple and accurate one-sided inferences based on a class of M-estimators.

12.15 Robert Staudte, La Trobe University: The relationship between evidence for one- and two-sided alternatives, with applications to parameter estimation using acceptability profiles.

1.00 Lunch

2.00 Andrzej Kozek, Macquarie University: On smoothing and on reducing variance of statistical functionals.

2.45 Alan Welsh, Australian National University: McCullagh’s analysis of the bootstrap on exchangeable arrays.

3.30 Afternoon Tea

4.00 Spiridon Penev, University of NSW: Nonparametric and semiparametric efficiency concepts for Markov chain models.

4.45 Michael Stewart, University of Sydney: Power of tests of no mixture at the detection boundary.

7.00 Dinner — For all interested, dinner will be arranged at a nearby restaurant.

Friday 1 April, 2005

9.00 Wang Zhou, National University of Singapore: A note on saddlepoint approximations in resampling methods.

9.45 Qiying Wang, University of Sydney: On the self-normalized Cramer-type large deviation.

10.30 Morning Tea

11.00 Peter Hall, Australian National University: Properties of nearest-neighbour classifiers.

11.45 Marc Raimondo, University of Sydney: Adaptive boxcar deconvolution : some asymptotic results.

12.30 Lunch

1.45 Bing-yi Jing, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology: Saddlepoint approximation for t-statistics with no conditions.

2.30 John Robinson, University of Sydney: Empirical saddlepoint approximations in samples from a finite population.

3.15 Afternoon Tea — end of meeting.