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School of Mathematics and Statistics: Prizes and Scholarships 2008 - 2009

The School's annual Prizes and Scholarships presentation ceremony was held in Darlington Centre on the evening of April 27th. The presentations were made by the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Dr Michael Spence, and the Dean of the Faculty of Science, Professor David Day.

The guest speakers were Ms Nicole Mealing, a recent graduate of the School, and Dr Bill Pender (also a graduate of the University of Sydney) who has recently retired after more than thirty years as a Mathematics Master at Sydney Grammar School. Nicole described how her honours statistics degree prepared her for the workplace, while Bill made a strong plea for universities to take a more active role in secondary school syllabus development. The full text of Bill's speech is available.

Collin Zheng, honours pure maths student and photographer, kindly agreed to make a photographic record of the evening. Collin is very happy for anyone affiliated with the School to download his photos.


The Joye Prize

Established in 2002 by donation from Mr Ian Edward Joye LLB and Mr Christopher Ronald Edward Joye BCom, the Joye Prize is awarded annually to the most outstanding student completing fourth year Honours in Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics or Mathematical Statistics (provided the work is of sufficient merit).

Recipient: Laurence Field

The T. G. Room Medal

Honouring the late T. G. Room, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Sydney from 1935 to 1968, the Room Medal may be awarded for a PhD thesis considered to be of outstanding merit.

Recipient: Dr Benjamin Wilson

Prizes for Honours Students

The KE Bullen Memorial Prize, for proficiency in Applied Mathematics Honours, awarded to Ivan Guo.

The MJ and M Ashby Prize, for the best Honours essay in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics or Mathematical Statistics, awarded to Ge Li.

The Barker Scholarship fund was established in 1853 by a gift of £1000 by Thomas Barker, for the encouragement of mathematical science. It funds the Barker Scholarships (see below) and the Barker Prize, for proficiency in Honours Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics or Mathematical Statistics. Awarded to Ge Li.

Prizes for Senior Students

The Norbert Quirk Prize, for the best answer by a senior student to a question in the annual problem competition conducted by SUMS (the Sydney University Mathematics Society), awarded to Christopher Leong.

The Applied Probability Trust Prize, for proficiency in STAT3911 (Stochastic Processes and Time Series), awarded to Ying Xiang Rachel Wang.

The Tim Brown Prize for Senior Statistics, awarded to jointly to Houng (Leanne) Chhay and Emi Tanaka.

Prizes for Intermediate Students

The Norbert Quirk Prize, for the best answer by an intermediate student to a question in the SUMS competition, awarded to Graham White.

The Tim Brown Prize for Intermediate Statistics, awarded jointly to Graham White and David Lewis.

Prizes for Junior Students

The Norbert Quirk Prize, for the best answer by a junior student to a question in the SUMS competition, awarded to Vinoth Nandakumar.

The Veronica Thomas Prize, for proficiency in STAT1021, awarded to Larisa Kozul.

The Cengage Learning Prizes I and II, for proficiency in junior advanced level mathematics and ordinary level mathematics (respectively), awarded to Andrew Tulloch and Yin Cao.

The David Jackson Prize

In memory of Dr David G. A. Jackson, for creativity and originality in Pure Mathematics by an undergraduate, awarded to Ge Li.


Carslaw Scholar

Title conferred on year 10 or 11 students in NSW who gain selection in the Australian Mathematical Olympiad Team. Awarded to Sampson Wong.

Barker Scholarship No I

For proficiency in Intermediate Mathematics, awarded to David Lewis.

Barker Scholarship No II

For proficiency in Junior Mathematics, awarded to Andrew Tulloch.

Barker Scholarship No IV

For proficiency in Senior units of study in the School of Mathematics and Statistics, awarded to Emi Tanaka.

Horner Exhibition

For proficiency in HSC Mathematics, awarded to Sul Ki Kim.

School of Mathematics and Statistics Scholarship

Awarded to a student entering the BSc (Advanced Mathematics) degree, for outstanding achievement beyond the high school curriculum, awarded to Giles Gardam.

The George Allen Scholarships

These three scholarships, one for each of Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics, are awarded to students enrolled in the Honours year, on the basis of results in Senior Mathematics and Statistics. The joint recipients of the scholarship for Applied Mathematics are David Khoury and Andrew Stephan. For Pure Mathematics the recipient is Si Chao (Rowland) Jiang, and for Mathematical Statistics the recipent is Ying Xiang Rachel Wang.

The KE Bullen Scholarships

Honouring the late K. E. Bullen, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Sydney from 1946 to 1971, these Honours Applied Mathematics scholarships are awarded for proficiency in Senior Mathematics and Statistics. This year the KE Bullen Scholarship No. I is awarded to Theodore Vo and the KE Bullen Scholarship No. II is awarded Thomas Clement.