I am a Payne-Scott Professor of Mathematics and the Chair of Applied Mathematics at the University of Sydney. My research is motivated by problems in the natural world, but I use mathematical ideas and tools from all areas, including algebra, geometry, analysis and mathematical physics. For more information about me, see the pages on brief history and media. I can also be found on Mastodon.
Here is the link to a video of my most recent talk: my Rothschild Lecture at the Isaac Newton Institute "Motion, monodromy, and asymptotics".
I work on functions that are transcendental that turn out to be incredibly important in physics. For (less technical) information see what is this thing called painleve?, geometry & asymptotics, AM4 integrable systems
☞ Students:
If you are a prospective student, here is link you might want to read for honours students.
☞ Videos:
You might like the video that Trixie Barretto made of me - if you can't see it in the browser window check out mathematician:

mathematician from Trixie Barretto on Vimeo.

If you're interested in my media appearances, you might want to see this Q&A episode Time Travel, Teaching and the Meaning of Life with Matt Covell (360), Brian Cox, Richard Gill and Miranda Tapsell.
☞ Recent:
05 September - 16 December 22: "Applicable resurgent asymptotics: towards a universal theory" ARA2 program at the Newton Institute.