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Registration will start on Monday 25 September at 9am in the conference venue, the ABS Seminar Room 3003 (Abercrombie Building H70 at the University of Sydney Business School Abercrombie Building) at the University of Sydney ("Camperdown Campus" on the Overview Map), at the intersection of Abercrombie St and Codrington St. See also the room accessories Accessories

Monday 25 September
10.00 - 10.50 Satoshi Koike Abstract Characterisations of V-sufficiency and \(C^0\)-sufficiency of relative jets
11.20 -12.10 Adam Harris Abstract Stable embedding of isolated surface singularities
Lunch Break
13.30 - 14.20 Scott McCallum Abstract Singularity theory and computational logic
15.00 - 15.50 Takao Akahori Abstract Partially integrable almost CR structures and CR Hamilonian flows
16.00 - 16.50 Yutaka Matsui
Abstract Topological Radon transforms on Grassmann manifolds
Tuesday 26 September
9.30 - 10:20 Alex Fish Abstract Unwinding Spirals
11:00 - 11.50 Hirokazu Anai Abstract Automatic Natural Language Mathematical Problem Solving by Real Quantifier Elimination
Lunch Break
13.30-14.20 Michael Harre Abstract Singularity Theory in Economics: The baby and the bathwater
15:00 - 15:50 Tzee-Char Kuo Abstract An Old Man's Mathematical Stories
16:00 - 16:50 Michael Barwick Abstract Tjurina numbers and several equisingularity relations
19.00 (Optional) Dinner, starting 19:00
Wednesday 27 September
9.30-10:20 Toshizumi Fukui Abstract Arc spaces, motivic measure and Lipschitz property on real algebraic varieties
11:00 - 11:50 Shihoko Ishi Abstract Singularities with respect Mather-Jacobian discrepancies in arbitrary characteristic
Lunch Break
13:30 - 14:20 Osamu Saeki Abstract A Vassiliev type invariant of order one for stable maps of 3-manifolds into surfaces
15:00 - 15:50 Katsusuke Nabeshima
Abstract Computing Bruce-Roberts Milnor numbers
19.00 Conference Dinner: starting 19:00
"Otto Noorba", 79 Glebe Point Road, Glebe 2037, tel. (02) 9692 0888
Thursday 28 September
9:30 - 10:20 Jiro Sekiguchi Abstract Potential Vector Fields related with Algebraic Solutions to Painleve VI Equation
11:00 - 11:50 Stephen Yau Abstract Non-existence of Negative Weight Derivations of Isolated Singularities
Free discussions
Friday 29 September
9:30 - 10:20 Oded Yacobi Abstract On equations defining the affine Grassmannian of \(SL_n\)
11:00 - 11:50 Geordie Williamson Abstract On torsion in the intersection cohomology of Schubert varieties
12.00 - 12.50 Gus Lehrer Abstract Geometry and invariant theory

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