Undergraduate Study

MATH1003 at the Summer School

General Information

The unit of study MATH1003 Integral Calculus and Modelling will be offered at the Summer School. Further information will be posted here in due course.

Teaching material relating to MATH1003 will be made available from this page while the Summer School is in progress.

For the full list of Mathematics and Statistics Units offered in the Summer School see the Mathematics and Statistics Summer School page. For further information about Mathematics and Statistics Units at the University of Sydney see the main Mathematics and Statistics teaching page.

The Summer School Coordinator for the School of Mathematics and Statistics is Dr Nathan Brownlowe.

For general information about the Sydney Summer School see the Sydney Summer School web page.

Summer Online Resources

Links to online resources including tutorials, assignments, and other information for this unit of study will be added here during the teaching session.

All students should go through the Information Sheet for 2018, which also includes Assessment Information

Mr Alexander Majchrowski will be available for weekly consultation times at 1pm Tuesday's in Carslaw RM 524. Note: No consultation hour in week 5, because of this I will hold an additional consult hour at 1pm, Monday the 12th. Exam Consultation in RM610 Monday (19/02) and Tuesday (20/02) from 2-4pm.

Questions to be attempted: Exercises and Objectives Sheets & Tutorial Sheets

The first tutorial on Monday 8th January will be used to meet each other and the tutors and to work through the Day 1 Exercises and Objectives question sheet.

The questions in Exercises and Objectives Sheet 1 should be attempted and checked before attending the Day 2 Tutorial which further covers the same material.

Each day thereafter, the questions in Exercises and Objectives Sheet n should be attempted and checked before attending the next Day n+1 tutorial.

There are 12 Exercise and Objectives Sheets and 11 Tutorial sheets in total. Links to solutions will be regularly posted below.

Past Paper Solutions: