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MATH2916 Working Seminar A (Special Studies Program)

General Information

This page contains information on the Intermediate Unit of Study MATH2916 Working Seminar A (Special Studies Program).

This unit is offered in Semester 1.

Lecturer(s): Emma Carberry

For further information on Intermediate Mathematics and Statistics, refer to the Intermediate Handbook. In particular, see the MATH2916 handbook entry for further information relating to MATH2916.

You may also view the description of MATH2916 in the central units of study database.

  • Credit point value: 3CP.
  • Classes per week: One hour-length seminar.
  • Prerequisites: Entry into this unit of study is by invitation only, and is restricted to students with a High Distinction average over 12 cp of Advanced Junior Mathematics.

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Students: Please give your name and SID when emailing us. Anonymous emails will not be replied to.

Students have the right to appeal any academic decision made by the School or Faculty. For further information, see the Science Faculty web site.


The Course Info sheet contains basic information about the course. The list of talks with topic breakdowns is here.


Note that some weeks have two talks and some only one. All talks are in Carslaw 275.

Week 3

23 March, 1-2pm - Yee Chin - Straightedge and Compass Constructions

Week 5

13 April, 1-2pm - Jongmin Lim - Some Consequences of Euclid's Approach

Week 6

20 April, 1-2pm - Alec Zhang - Euclid's Fifth Postulate

Week 7

27 April, 12-1pm - Mark Rothbery - Algebraic Criterion for Constructability

27 April, 1-2pm - Sophie Anderson - Isometries of the Euclidean Plane

Week 8

4 May, 12-1pm - Harindu Obeyesekera - The Real Projective Plane

4 May, 1-2pm - Kenneth Guo - Linear Fractional Functions and the Cross Ratio

Week 9

11 May, 12-1pm - Taylor Ruber - Spherical Geometry

11 May, 1-2pm - Michael Zhao - Hyperbolic (Half)-Plane

Week 10

No Talks

Week 11

25 May, 12-1pm - Noah Peres - Moebius Transformations and Hyperbolic Distance

25 May, 1-2pm - Peter Zavvos - Models of Hyperbolic Geometry

Week 12

1 June, 12-1pm - Amit Deep - Area of Hyperbolic and Spherical Triangles, Euler's Theorem

1 June, 1-2pm - Max Davy - Curvature of Polyhedra and Descartes' Theorem

Reference books on Writing and Presentation

Advice on writing and presenting mathematics can be found in:

  • Terry Tao, Advice on Writing Papers
  • Nicholas J. Higham, Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences, SIAM, 1998. (Scitech 808.06651 4)
  • Norman E. Steenrod, Paul Halmos, et al., How to Write Mathematics, American Mathematical Society, 1973. (Scitech 808.066 17)
  • Steven G. Krantz, A Primer of Mathematical Writing, American Mathematical Society, 1997. (Scitech 808.0665 25)

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