For Future Students

The Advanced Mathematics degree

The Faculty of Science in the University of Sydney takes students with a great variety of interests and with a wide range of HSC scores. Within the Faculty, the School of Mathematics and Statistics aims to provide appropriate courses for students with all levels of mathematical ability. One way we do this is to offer separate Advanced and Normal streams all the way through the first three undergraduate years.

If you are interested in enrolling in the Advanced units in first year, it is a good idea to try the online self-assessment test.

Our success is shown by the number of students choosing to continue with mathematics or statistics for the full three years—more than in any other Australian university.

The Advanced courses especially continue to attract many highly talented students who often combine their interest in mathematics with some other area of science or technology. In order to better recognize the achievements of these students, the Faculty of Science has introduced Advanced Degrees.

The structure of the Advanced Mathematics program retains much of the flexibility of the Bachelor of Science. Students in the Advanced Mathematics program study the majority of their mathematics material at the advanced level or as part of a Talented Student Program. Students also have the opportunity to complement their study with other advanced science units of study and challenging subjects from other faculties.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics runs a special Talented Student Program, where our most able students are helped to develop their mathematical interests beyond the scope of the undergraduate program. Some thirty students currently participating.

Admission to Advanced Degrees is limited, with ATAR cutoffs likely to be in the nineties. Continued enrolment at the Advanced level depends on meeting the standards set for the degree. Conversely, students who miss out on a place initially may qualify for admission part-way through their degree.

Further details of all our courses can be found on the Undergraduate courses pages of the School of Mathematics & Statistics Web Site.

See also the web page for the Advanced Mathematics Degree at the Faculty of Science.