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Program Guide: Talented Students Program

Spinning machines Each year the School of Mathematics and Statistics attracts a number of students with exceptional ability in mathematics. This ability may be demonstrated by outstanding performance in HSC mathematics, by participation in the Mathematical Olympiad program, or by achieving excellent examination results during first year at university.

What is the TSP program?

The School of Mathematics and Statistics has a special program that caters for several groups of highly talented students:

  • Students in the Science Faculty Talented Students Program;
  • Students in the B.Sc. (Advanced Mathematics) degree;
  • Students with excellent results in HSC Mathematics (or equivalent).

First Year students in these groups who demonstrate a serious interest in mathematics will be invited to enrol in a Mathematics Special Studies Program. In addition to covering standard material, students in this program will participate in their own seminars on specially chosen advanced topics. The Special Studies Program is open to students in Arts and Liberal Studies degrees as well as Science.

Students in the Science Faculty Talented Students Program can also take higher-year courses ahead of time and participate in special projects. Some of these students, while still in first year, have taken advanced courses in mathematical logic, combinatorics, abstract algebra and other areas. Others have worked on special projects, sometimes involving two different subject areas, such as Mathematics and Biochemistry.

There is a separate page with more detailed information on the Special Studies Program and the Talented Students Program for student of mathematics and statistics.

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