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Profile – Hai Trung Dang Ho

hai-trung I’m currently in my third year of a PhD in pure mathematics. My thesis is titled "On Hilbert Modular Forms".

My interest in mathematics started when I was a student at Sefton High School. When I came to university, I found that there was a lot more to it than what’s taught in high school! I completed pure maths honours through the BSc(Advanced Mathematics) degree. The degree offered flexibility in my choice of courses throughout my undergraduate years and allowed me to experience other sciences like physics, chemistry and computer science. I'll quote Fischer Black, (a physicist by training, but well known in the field of financial mathematics) as part of the reason why I choose to study science:

"One of the things I like about doing science, the thing that is the most fun, is coming up with something that seems ridiculous when you first hear it, but finally seems obvious when you're finished."

My postgraduate experience at Sydney Uni has been excellent! Not only is the level of research comparable to other universities around the world, but the people in the School (academics and also secretarial staff) are always so kind and helpful. The numerous seminars provide a way of obtaining a taste of some of the things that other people are working on. However, it is interaction with other postgraduates in the school which makes being a postgraduate so enjoyable. Whether it is social or work related, there is always someone to talk to. I’ve also valued the opportunity to teach first year students in tutorials. This improves my own communication skills as well as helping the students understand something I know well - that is always rewarding. In the future I may work in the finance industry. Even though pure mathematics may not be directly involved in what I do, it is the ability to learn and think that will be important.

My interests outside of mathematics? I enjoy listening to and playing classical music, particularly Beethoven, Rachmaninov and Chopin. I’m also an avid student of sleight-of-hand card magic.

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