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Profile – Christopher Brown

Christopher Brown Christopher Brown completed his BSc degree in 2002, majoring in mathematics and mathematical statistics. He now works for SPSS, a company specialising in statistics software.

I finished my degree majoring in mathematics and mathematical statistics, which is bizarre considering they were two subjects I struggled to pass in first year. I'm really glad that I did kick back during my early uni life because actually failing two other subjects forced me to rethink where I was and what I was doing. Switching to part time study and working as a casual lifeguard was the perfect solution. I always found mathematics fascinating, and it was this interest which led me towards further study of it, even though my results weren't that great in second year either. It wasn't until I started the final year subjects like: Financial Maths, Cryptography and Number Theory that my interest was enough to drag me away from the social opportunities and into the books. (The saying that "P's get degrees but don't get jobs" was also beginning to become an influence.)

I was lucky that one of my subjects required a second year statistics course as a prerequisite, and after completing that I fell for the applicability that statistics offers – enough to embark on a second major. The end result was a spectacularly high third year average and now a job with SPSS, a company specialising in statistics software and pioneering the world of predictive analytics.

So how did I get this job just one month out of uni? My keenness to learn new things and my interest in statistics were important, but full credit goes to all the statistics staff at Sydney Uni. Their attitude towards their teaching inspired me to pursue the subjects keenly and steered me towards a job where I am assisting people to obtain great value from their software. All in all I’m left with countless great friends and lifelong memories. An absolutely amazing experience and I'm glad I stuck with it in first year.

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