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Program Guide: Introduction

Kummer surface 1 Mathematics and statistics are fundamental to understanding our world. Their reach encompasses science and technology, business and commerce, but also every activity where quantitative, analytical or logical understanding is required. Mathematics provides the tools and skills needed to deal with otherwise impenetrable concepts, even the most abstract. Ultimately, mathematics is about clarity of thought and precision of understanding.

Whether you study mathematics with career goals in mind or whether you study maths simply because you enjoy its beauty and power, you'll find it rewarding and challenging. A degree in mathematics or statistics is highly regarded by employers, who recognise the skills in problem solving and logical thinking that mathematical training gives. Graduates with majors in mathematics or statistics are always in demand and there are many opportunities for employment in the corporate world, in information technology, in research, education and many other fields. Combining mathematics or statistics with other subjects is also a good way to give you the edge over other graduates and increase your employability.

We would like to tell you a little bit about what studying mathematics at uni is like and why it is useful. As well as lots of information, there are interviews with students who are doing our courses and some profiles of recent graduates whose mathematical and statistical skills have opened interesting careers to them.

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