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Program Guide: And afterwards – what then?

ICM 4Even if your main interests lie elsewhere, studying statistics or mathematics at the Intermediate or Senior level can enhance your attractiveness to employers or broaden the range of careers that are open to you. From time to time graduates have commented that, although their main interest is in another subject, their mathematics or statistics background has given them the edge over other job applicants.

Maths and stats graduates are needed!

If you do major in mathematics or statistics you will find that a good degree in these subjects offers many opportunities for rewarding careers. People with mathematical and statistical skills are in demand in virtually every walk of life. They are keenly sought by many businesses, especially those associated with financial services and information technology. They are needed in almost all scientific, medical, technological and industrial research. They are also employed in a wide range of organisations to interpret information and make forecasts and decisions. Statisticians in particular often work in the public sector, where their skills are essential for policy planning.

Even in areas where specific mathematical knowledge is not directly relevant, mathematics and statistics graduates are highly valued by many employers for the mental discipline and thoroughness which they typically exhibit.

Most graduates of the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Sydney University have little difficulty finding suitable work. Many recent graduates have found positions with firms such as Macquarie Bank, Andersen Consulting, Bankers Trust, AMP, IBM, and BHP. Some have found jobs with state and federal government agencies, while others have become teachers.

Many choose to continue studying at the postgraduate level, in order to pursue more specialised careers. The School of Mathematics and Statistics offers excellent opportunities for both coursework and research degrees in many specialist areas.

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