Sydney Dynamics Group

SDG Seminars in 2013

  • 22/01/13: Vladimir Gaitsgory (Flinders University) "Linear Programming and averaging approaches to singularly perturbed optimal control problems"
  • 01/02/13: David Kelly (University of Warwick) "Homogenisation for multidimensional maps"
  • 08/03/13: Cecilia Gonzalez Tokman "Stability and approximation of random invariant densities via a multiplicative ergodic theorem"
  • 22/03/13: Shane Keating "Stochastic data assimilation methods for ocean state estimation"
  • 03/04/13: Carola-Bibiane Schoenlieb (Cambridge) "Noise estimation by PDE-constrained optimisation"
  • 04/04/13: Ian Melbourne (University of Warwick) "Mixing and rates of mixing for continuous time infinite measure systems"
  • 19/04/13: Sasha Fish "Product sets in amenable groups through a dynamical approach"
  • 03/05/13: Federico Frascoli (University of Melbourne) "Anti-tumor immunity and growing cancers: a dynamical system approach"
  • 24/05/13: Ray Kawai "Mathematical programming gives hard bounds of the Dirichlet problem for partial differential equations"
  • 31/05/13: Christian Franzke (British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge) "Predicting climate tipping points using stochastic models"
  • 07/06/13: Holger Dullin "Two new integrable systems related to the Euler equations on a rotating sphere"
  • 19/07/13: Jonathan Rubin (University of Pittsburgh) "Unexpected chaos in a neural model"
  • 09/08/13: Thomas Lepoutre (University of Lyon I) "Cell polarisation model: The 1D case"
  • 16/08/13: Mikhail Neklyudov "Dynamics of nanomagnetic particle systems"
  • 23/08/13: Karsten Peters (Monash University) "Modelling the observed stochasticity of tropical convection"
  • 06/09/13: Szymon Peszat (Polish Academy of Sciences, Cracow) "Passive scalar dynamics"
  • 19/12/13: George Papanicolaou (Stanford) "Correlation based imaging and geophysical applications"

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