Sydney Dynamics Group

SDG Seminars in 2011

  • 07/01/11: Ian Melbourne (University of Surrey) "Operator renewal theory and mixing rates in infinite ergodic theory"
  • 11/03/11: Michael Roeckner (Universitšt Bielefeld) "The global random attractor for a class of stochastic porous media equations"
  • 25/03/11: Maria Bruna-Estrach (Oxford University) "Excluded-volume effects in the diffusion of multiple species"
  • 08/04/11: Klemens Fellner (Cambridge University) "The dynamics of non-local interaction equations with repulsive-aggregating potentials"
  • 29/04/11: Georg Gottwald "On the toplogy of synchrony-optimized networks"
  • 20/05/11: Martin Wechselberger "Physiological model reduction techniques in systems with multiple time-scales: when are they mathematically justified?"
  • 03/06/11: Gary Froyland "Transport in time-dependent dynamical systems: Finite-time coherent sets"
  • 17/06/11: Lewis Mitchell "Stochastic homogenization in data assimilation"
  • 01/07/11: Peter Kim "Imatinib dynamics and cancer vaccines: From agent-based models to PDEs"
  • 19/09/11: Robert Marangell "Unstable solitons in nonlinear Schroedinger equations with inhomogeneous nonlinearity"
  • 06/10/11: Govind Menon (Brown University) "Stochastic dynamics of Burgers turbulence"
  • 17/10/11: Christopher Angstmann "Turing patterns and sub-cellular protein localisation"
  • 23/10/11: John Norbury (Oxford University) "Constructing Ecologies"
  • 02/11/11: Mickael Chekroun (UCLA) "Optimal transport on invariant measures of stochastic flows, and the power spectrum"
  • 09/12/11: Graeme Pope (ETH) "Sparse signal recovery using uncertainty principles"

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