Sydney Dynamics Group

SDG Seminars in 2010

  • 22/01/10: Ilona Gucwa (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig) "Blow-up analysis of an autocatalator model"
  • 12/02/10: Randall Leveque (University of Washington) "High-resolution finite volume methods and applications to Tsunami modeling"
  • 05/03/10: Hinke Osinga (Bristol University) "The mystery of chaos in the Lorenz equations"
  • 19/03/10: John Guckenheimer (Cornell University) "Bifurcations of multiple time scale systems"
  • 16/04/10: Franco Vivaldi (Queen Mary College) "Order vs. chaos when the space is discrete"
  • 30/04/10: Martin Wechselberger "Canard theory"
  • 14/04/10: Ben Goldys "Analysis of the stochastic Landau-Lifschitz equation using stochastic flows"
  • 04/06/10: Gary Morriss "Lyapunov modes for particle systems"
  • 11/06/10: Sanjeeva Balasuriya (University of Adelaide) "Manifold destiny: a talk on water, fire and life"
  • 18/06/10: Holger Dullin "A Poisson structure and integrator for the reduced N-body problem"
  • 03/09/10: Guo Hua Zhang (Fudan University) "Local aspects of topological weak mixing"
  • 10/09/10: Thorsten Hüls (Universität Bielefeld) "Computing dichotomy projectors and Sacker-Sell spectra in discrete time dynamical systems"
  • 08/10/10: Rua Murray (University of Canterbury) "Polynomial decay of correlations in generalised Baker's maps"
  • 05/11/10: Patrick Noble "Modelling the sunspot number distribution with a Fokker-Planck equation"
  • 19/11/10: Georg Gottwald "On thermostats and their link to Langevin equations in molecular dynamics"
  • 10/12/10: Jon Chapman "Finite size effects in diffusion"

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