Sydney Dynamics Group

SDG Seminars in 2008

  • 07/03/08: Martin Wechselberger "Canards, MMOs and homoclinic bifurcations in a stellate cell model"
  • 14/03/08: Georg Gottwald "Slow balanced limit equations for a toy model - deterministic and stochastic model reductions"
  • 04/04/08: Christopher Bose (University of Victoria) "Generalised baker's transformations"
  • 18/04/08: Christopher Bose (University of Victoria) "Invariant measures and computation in ergodic theory I"
  • 02/05/08: Christopher Bose (University of Victoria) "Invariant measures and computation in ergodic theory II"
  • 16/05/08: John Roberts "Periodic orbits of linear endomorphisms on the 2-torus and its lattices"
  • 30/05/08: Holger Dullin "Nilpotent normal form for divergence-free vector fields and volume- preserving maps"
  • 06/06/08: Mike Field (University of Houston) "Global dynamics and combinatorics of coupled cell systems"
  • 09/08/08: Charlie Macaskill " A universal scaling theory for two-dimensional turbulence"
  • 15/08/08: Franco Vivaldi (Queen Mary, University of London) "Pseudo-hyperbolic points in piecewise isometric systems"
  • 29/08/08: Dave Galloway "Some nonlinear problems in dynamo theory"
  • 12/09/08: Mike Wheatland "Chaos in the corridor: The School of Physics double square pendulum"
  • 26/09/08: Georg Gottwald "Reduced dynamics for stochastic dynamical systems"
  • 17/10/08: Naratip Satitissadeekorn "Identifying almost invariant set by spectral graph partitioning"
  • 31/10/08: Sebastian Reich (Universität Potsdam) "Correcting model errors through nonlinear ensemble filters"
  • 14/11/08: Natascha Neumärker (Universität Bielefeld) "Orbit vs. fixed point counts: arithmetic and combinatorial aspects"
  • 26/11/08: Edgar Knobloch (UC Berkeley) "Spatially localized structures in dissipative systems"
  • 05/12/08: Michael Baake (Universität Bielefeld) "The singular continuous measure of the Thue-Morse chain"
  • 05/12/08: Arek Goetz (San Francisco State University) "The interplay of geometry and number theory in piecewise rotations - dynamical systems with singularities"
  • 17/12/08: Ian Melbourne (University of Surrey) "Stochastic model reduction for deterministic dynamical systems"

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