Sydney Dynamics Group

SDG Seminars in 2007

  • 16/03/07: Georg Gottwald "Justification and validity of the 0-1 test"
  • 30/03/07: Martin Wechselberger "Canards in physiology"
  • 20/04/07: Holger Dullin (Loughborough/Colorado) "Frequency map near the 1:-2 resonance in Hamiltonian Systems "
  • 27/04/07: Dalia Terhesiu "Detecting phase transitions and a fast way to compute topoligical pressure and entropy"
  • 11/05/07: Gary Froyland "Detecting dominant dynamical structures in hyperbolic systems"
  • 25/05/07: Georg Gottwald "Bifurcation analysis of a 'normal form' for excitable media."
  • 08/06/07: Gary Morriss "Transport coefficients, to the Lorentz gas and Chaos"
  • 27/07/07: Franco Vivaldi (Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London) "Piecewise isometries"
  • 10/08/07: John Roberts "Symplectic structures for difference equations, including integrable maps"
  • 24/08/07: Warren Weckesser (Colgate University) "Epidemic size for SIR disease models I"
  • 02/11/07: Warren Weckesser (Colgate University) "Epidemic size for SIR disease models II"
  • 16/11/07: Brian Gray "Dynamical Systems arising from chemical kinetic systems"
  • 30/11/07: Simon Lloyd "Dynamics of interval exchange transformations with flips"
  • 07/12/07: Roderick Dewar (INRA Bordeaux) "Is Statistical mechanics a theory of everything?"

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